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Madhesis protest against China

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

A rally organised in Birganj on Tuesday. Photo: Suresh Bidari

At a time when anti-India sentiment is growing in Nepal, people in the country’s southern plains are unhappy with China.

After China promised to supply subsidised fuel to Nepal crippled by an unofficial Indian blockade, people in the Tarai have demonstrated against the northern neighbour.

Madhesi dissenters on Tuesday organised a rally in Birganj, the flash-point of the ongoing Madhes movement, to ‘force China to stay away from Nepal’s internal affairs’.

They shouted slogans like ‘back off China’ and ‘avoid confrontations with Madhesis’. Shiva Kumar Yadav, a Madhesi protester, told Nepali Times that they were unhappy because China was trying to thwart their anti-constitution campaign by supplying fuel to Kathmandu.

“China should not supply fuel to Nepal,” he said. “If Nepal imports fuel from China, Kathmandu will never listen to our grievances.”

After India cut off supplies to Nepal citing unrest caused by Madhes movement, the government had reached out to China for fuel and other essential commodities.

A delegation led by Nepal’s ambassador Mahesh Maskey has already reached Beijing to discuss a deal to import fuel from China, ending India’s monopoly in Nepal’s fuel market.

A major Nepal-China trade route blocked by the April earthquake was also reopened last week, and the first shipment of subsidised fuel is expected to come to Kathmandu via this border point.

Madhesi people, unhappy with several clauses of the recently-promulgated constitution, have not only welcomed the Indian blockade but also supported New Delhi to cover up its embargo by staging sit-in at various border points. India has not admitted that it is a blockade, and says it is merely disruption of supplies due to political unrest on the Nepali side.

Earlier, Madhesi dissenters had even reportedly burnt China’s national flags to protest Beijing’s favour to Kathmandu.

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10 Responses to “Madhesis protest against China”

  1. saaroj on Says:

    Sadly this is All for the greed of power chair.its not abt grievances of people , of madhes. Madhesi parties plz dont exploit madhesi people.

  2. namah on Says:

    LOL…keep it up…whole country nuts…

  3. Nepal Voice on Says:

    India says Nepali Madhesi blocked the road so India cannot come. Nepali Pahadi have not blocked the road so China can come, simple haina bhai…
    Nepali Madhesi needs to fight its own fight and stop dragging India and blaming China.

  4. Joe Niemczura on Says:

    It is a fantasy to think that The Friendship Highway – Arniko Highway route will provide a viable stream of petrol. A daydream. a lie.

    For the details as to why, please go to this link:

    also, there is part two, click here for it:

  5. kg on Says:

    Why anti India stance portrays nationalism and anti China demist rations anger in nepal. Strange country and strange people.

  6. Shinzo Abe en Asie centrale, pollution pétrolière en Thaïlande et Uber au Pakistan - Asialyst on Says:

    […] Nepali Times – Coincé entre l’Inde et la Chine, le Népal a bien du mal à rester uni face aux remous créés par l’adoption d’une nouvelle constitution. Un sentiment anti-indien prédomine sur l’ensemble du royaume après que Dehli a décidé de bloquer ses exportations de pétrole en soutien aux minorités du Sud népalais. Ces dernières, en particuliers les Madhesis, ont manifesté contre l’ingérence de la Chine qui a accepté dernièrement de fournir Katmandou en ressources énergétiques. […]

  7. edmandu on Says:

    A daydream for you , but what if if they build a pipe line.

  8. edmandu on Says:

    Any group that block the road to the Nation , and takes the Nation hostage, is a crime against the Nation.

  9. Nepal Voice on Says:

    Okay we have read it all, heard it all and seen long enough. Not worried about the pessimists! If Netherland can increase there land in 50 years, human can reach the moon surely Nepal can blow some hills to pave the way in its best interest. Not that any other nations gives a rats a@@ what Nepal have faced over 100s years. I say better to blow some hills then beg.

  10. Nepal Voice on Says:

    Enough is enough, our forefathers suffered, we are suffering and now I hope our next generation do not continue to suffer. But if anyone need to comment on blowing the hills to pave the way about nature this and that all I got to say to them is go and first criticize people that mine all natural resources, built mass destruction weapons, generate non degradable waste thats going to last for million of years and so on.

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