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Fuel crisis deepens

Sunday, September 27th, 2015
People queue up outside a petrol pump at Bhadrakali. Pic: RSS

People queue up outside a petrol pump at Bhadrakali. Pic: RSS

Nepal has asked international airlines to refuel their Kathmandu-bound aircrafts at origin airports, citing the looming shortage of aviation fuel due to an unofficial blockade by India.

India has blocked all border entry points with Nepal, expressing dissatisfaction with some provisions of the Himalayan nation’s new constitution. Madhesi parties, who feel left out of the constitution writing process, have also blocked the East West highway and feeder roads leading to India, worsening the fuel crisis in Kathmandu.

As the fuel crisis deepens, Nepal has been left with no choice but to focus on the efficient consumption of whatever stock of fuel Kathmandu has. Top political leaders are holding talks with Indian officials to make a breakthrough, but an end to the crisis does not look in sight.

An emergency meeting of government officials on Sunday requested International Airlines to refuel only in small quantities at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), if really needed. Kathmandu’s stockpile of aviation fuel is not going to last more than a week, say government officials.

However, the government’s decision is unlikely to affect most of international airlines as they avoid refuel their aircrafts in Kathmandu. Only a few long-range airlines, like Turkish Airlines, are likely to be affected by shortage of aviation fuel in Kathmandu.

Domestic airlines have also been asked to refuel at airports in the Tarai, according to government authorities.

The government has also decided to ask China to export aviation fuel. Other alternative the government has come up with is to reduce the flights that are put on hold due to traffic congestion. Although the government had mulled over the idea of transporting aviation fuel in Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC)’ aircrafts, the NAC has said its aircrafts are in no condition to transport fuel.

The government has also decided to implement an odd-even system for all types of vehicles starting Sunday.

Issuing a press statement Ministry of Home Affairs said that obstruction in the cargo movement coming to Nepal from India has created an abnormality in fuel supply as Nepal has not been able to receive any oil from Indian Oil Corporation.

With the fuel stock decreasing the government decided to implement the odd-even system for vehicles other than those carrying essential goods, those used by security forces and those involved in monitoring.

Following the rationing, long queues of vehicles could be seen outside various petrol pumps since early morning on Sunday.

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10 Responses to “Fuel crisis deepens”

  1. jsjjs on Says:

    turn this pain into a chance to build supply line through the northern border. start building that railway line from khasa asap.

  2. kg on Says:

    Border blockage by Madhesis and Tharus seems to be having its effect. Keep the good blockage going and let’s see how true and strong these Pahadis are to their words – cycling, eating local food and living in forest. Let the medieval lifestyle prevail and bring the best out of them.

    Be accountable for the current situation. Blaming India for your mistakes and woes will yield no result. This situation is your creation and diverting the issue will only take this country towards split and anger.

  3. Arya Pokharel on Says:

    if this continues to happen, i dont know how Nepalsese will continue to live their life in a normal way. I’ve got no hopes from India nor will i have the hopes in the upcoming days… but i really really hope that China helps our country with happiness and understanding.
    P.S this situation is also affecting the very lives of middle school/ high school students. if this continues for even a month or more, people will surely get into depression.

  4. dgupta on Says:

    We have been bullied by India for years, and now it is best time we ditch them. Welcome China!

  5. Anup Shrestha on Says:

    There used to be no oils long long time ago.. But then slowly people found it out and was a new discovery than again they made some vehicles or aircrafts or anything that runs with oils..Now we buy vehicle..we buy oils…its sinple… if we wont get oil we wont buy vehicle.. i just can run my legs and i can ride my bicycle.. i will eat icecream inplace of buying petrol….

  6. uzair on Says:

    In times like these, I would want to show support for our Nepalese brothers. Indian aggression is evident all across the region where it tries to bully smaller countries.

    Nepal is a country of strong and courageous people and I hope China and Pakistan help Nepal in this regard. I would also like to see Burma and Sirlanka show some kind of support. No country is big or small, we are all humans and should help each other. India on the other hand tries to use every country for it’s own advantage.

    Best Wishes from a Pakistan

  7. Tushy on Says:

    For all the years, millions of nepalese have made India as there home. Earned lives and education. People of India has never seen them differently and accepted them as brothers… and now we hear “Bully”!

    The comments show how poor mentality u people have.

  8. Prakash Singh on Says:

    You asked us to Back off, so we did. Put your arrogance into your fuel tank and drive your vehicles. Now stop crying and run to your China. We don’t care.

  9. Pur on Says:

    I am Indian. Working in an MNC. I have a nepali friend who have studied in Indian Engineering college and got a direct recruitment opportunity . No country can avail this opportunity.
    Then take the case of earthquake help.

    And now what we are getting is bullying from you people who we think as brothers and sisters. The problem is of your own origin.

  10. Ryan Lambert on Says:

    India was not only country that helped Nepal and secondly India is interfering in Nepal by paying money through back channels to foreigners traitors. Its time for SAARC countries to kick out india out of it.

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