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Country held hostage

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Protests over demarcation of federal provinces have escalated this week with more shutdowns and clashes.

Different political parties have called strikes in different parts of the country pressing for their own demands.

A nationwide general strike on Sunday, jointly enforced by CPN- Maoist, Federalist Socialist Forum Nepal and other fringe Madhesi parties, is just another in a series of strikes against the six-province federalism model.

Police rounded up 61 strike enforcers from various parts of the country on Sunday morning including the FSFN Vice Chair Rajendra Shrestha. They were charged with vandalising two buses in the capital and attacking journalist Rishi Dhamala, who was on his way back from Nepalvani FM station.

Protestors vandalised two trucks along the east-west highway. Pic: Bidrohi Giri

Protestors vandalised two trucks along the east-west highway. Pic: Bidrohi Giri

In Nawalparasi, members of Tharuhat Struggle Committee torched two trucks and a pick up on the east-west highway. The committee has been demanding Kailali and Kanchanpur to be included in the Tharuhat province.

In Narayangarh , a Kathmandu-bound bus carrying passengers was vandalised by the Tharu cadre.

In Karnali, the general strike enforced by the locals demanding an undivided Karnali province reached the ninth day on Sunday. They vandalised some government offices in Jumla, and four policemen were hurt in the ensuing clash. The police resorted to firing in the air and tear gas to disperse the agitators. A curfew starting has been imposed in the area until Monday morning.

Agitations continued to disrupt normal lives in Rukum for the eighth straight day. The locals have been protesting splitting of the district between two provinces.

Eastern Nepal also remained tense as regional political outfits demanding an autonomous Limbuwan provinces carried out rallies supporting the nationwide strike.

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One Response to “Country held hostage”

  1. Ravi Raj Kaur on Says:

    Federalism is cute in Switzerland you have a lot in common but less than we wish… First you need economic growth& stability THEN you let people vote through an occasional referendum this voting by burning tyres obviously is terrorists or petty criminals rule the nation. Not Karl Marx not Mao ever did like this.
    Sheer helplessness and anarchy. The country has been held hostage for the past 25 years, Maybe Amnesty International can write a history book about the peaceful nation that got suffocated by hooligans and the likes.
    How they did it? No respect for their mother or mother nature, sheer STUPIDITY. That is the opinion of India no natin destroys itself. Let me predict in 5 years all will be muslim terrorists?
    Hopes and Fears of a neighbour. Police and Army must maintain rule and regulation. Prisons will be rebuild. In Singapore they hanged drug traffickers.
    How can the border be secured from muslim terrorists if you can not even get a bus to work. No bus no work.

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