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Map of federal Nepal

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

111Four major political parties are likely to strike a fresh deal on demarcation of federal provinces tonight.

After days of closed-door negotiations, the NC, the UML, the UCPN (M) and the MJF (D) on Saturday agreed to carve out six federal provinces in Nepal.

Top leaders of the four major parties have resolved the dispute over the five Tarai districts by including Sunsari, Morang and Jhapa districts in the eastern province and Kailali and Kanchanpur in the far-western province. The MJF (D) Chair Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar is reportedly unhappy with demarcation of eastern and far-western provinces, but the top leaders have been trying to persuade him.

Nevertheless, the top leaders have divided Nawalparasi district and included it in two different provinces. NC leader Ram Chandra Poudel told medial persons that parts of Rukum and Baglung districts are also undecided.

While emerging from the four-party meeting room, Poudel said: “Last-minute negotiations on secularism, constitutional court and threshold are also underway. But even if we fail to reach a deal on these issues, we will forward whatever we agree upon to the Constituent Assembly (CA)’s Constitutional, Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (CPDCC).”

The CPDCC has been postponing its meeting due to delay in reaching a fresh deal on demarcation of federal provinces.

As per the new deal, the first province includes all districts of Koshi and Mechi zone as well as Solukhumbu, Okhaldhunga, Udayapur and Khotang districts of Sagarmatha zone.

The second province will have eight Tarai districts between Parsa and Saptari.

The third province will have all districts of Bagmati zone beside Makawanpur and Chitwan of Narayani zone and Sindhuli, Dolakha and Ramechhap of Janakpur zone.

The fourth province will have all districts of Gandaki, Dhaulagiri and part of Nawalparasi district. The part of Nawalparasi district east of Daunne will be included in this province.

The fifth province will have all districts of Rapti and Lumbini beside Banke and Bardiya of Bheri zone. Part of Nawalparasi west of Daunne will also be included in this province.

The sixth province will have Seti, Mahakali and Karnali zones. Surkhet, Dailekh and Jajarkot districts of Bheri will also be part of this province.

Earlier, the four parties had agreed to consider identity and viability as basis of creating federal provinces. But when they struck a 16-point deal on 8 June, they decided to determine names and boundaries of federal provinces only after promulgating the new constitution.

Madhesi and Janajati parties rejected the 16-point deal by dubbing it as a ploy to sabotage the agenda of federalism. They demanded names and boundaries of federal provinces before promulgation of the new constitution.

Although the four parties have drawn the map of federal Nepal, names of federal provinces are still undecided. As per the 16-point deal, future provincial councils will have rights to name their respective federal provinces.

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13 Responses to “Map of federal Nepal”

  1. Prashant Kshetri on Says:

    I don’t like none of them!
    it must be five development Region as a new federal states .
    they are made scientifically!

  2. Avinash on Says:

    Yes I agree with Prashant.

  3. im out of nepal on Says:

    So stupid, making small piceses of what already is very small! ? they all want something but gives nothing to the country ? great job

  4. Bhimsen Shrestha on Says:

    It must be 5 .I dont think the division is proportonate.
    We must have 5state as our 5 developmentregion

  5. Anonymous on Says:

    I am not against federalism. I support federalism.

    But not this. It does not loot any effective for development at all. I mean look at them. State 6 is so large compared to state 2. Anyone can guess this will not become helpful in any way. Neither politically nor for resources utilization. So i can guess why everyone is fed up with this.

  6. Prashant Kshetri on Says:

    I don’t like none of them! It must be five development Region as a new federal states. They are made scientifically!

  7. Yg naxiring on Says:

    Yea….i think diz all are just waste of time… More states,more economy, more corruption,more debates, more protest, more strikes…nepal itself a small country… I think if evry citizen N the leaders, responsible for the country are ready to follw the system…den it will lead the country towards the devlpmnt…

  8. Shiva Neupane on Says:

    Whether Madhesi or Pahadi, we are all Nepalese, the government should be blamed for creating a divide between different castes. All uneducated people differentiate based on caste. Educated generation never have such opinion. In college we don’t discriminate between Pahadi or Madhesi. What the hell are these leaders doing?

  9. noopur aryal on Says:

    I don’t know much but these state are useless for the development of Nepal. Some of the state don’t even touch the 3 ecological belt of Nepal! as Prashant has said.. are politicians blind or something?! why cant the 5 development regions be considered a federal state?!

  10. Manjeet on Says:

    I dont think it is proporitonate nd eqally divided states by 3 major leaders.state 2 is very small as compared to other three main states according to natural property and source of development.

  11. S.K. Chettri. on Says:

    Many provinces many problems like present day Indian States fighting each other.
    It is better in the interest of Nepal to have fewer provinces than many. Take firm
    and strong decision like Sri Lanka and Myanmar without succumbing to external
    influences. Don’t slice into pieces else it will disappear.

  12. Ariyo on Says:

    I also think the leaders are more lacking in their ideas and postponding the development.

  13. Jagat prakash mishra on Says:

    It doesn’t have special meaning for fragmenting the country into different state. But it has special meaning that how the development can run smoothly. so the bodies who are in the respective posts should concern to it.

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