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Pro-Hindu activists call strike

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
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Pro-Hindu activists block the East West highway in Nawalparasi on Wednesday. Photo: Bidrohi Giri

Supporters of a Hindu nation enforced a shutdown in three districts of central and western Nepal on Wednesday, protesting secularism in the constitution.

Thousands of passengers were stranded throughout the day as members of the Hindu Rashtra Bachao Andolan, a movement believed to be backed by the Hindu Royalist Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPP)-Nepal, blocked the East-West Highway in Chitwan, Nawalparasi and Rupandehi districts.

A truck (Ga 1 Kha 4111) laden with noodles was torched in Devchuli of Nawalparasi district during the shutdown. Markets, educational institutes and factories were also closed. However, no other untoward incidents have been reported so far.

The RPP-N, which had vowed to not call any kinds of strike in its manifesto, says Wednesday’s shutdown is ‘spontaneous’ and ‘not enforced by the party’.

“Some of our district committee members might be involved in the Hindu Rashtra Bachao Andolan, but we have no ties with this movement,” said Biraj Bista, a Constituent Assembly (CA) member from the RPP-N. “People are spontaneously descending on the streets to demand a Hindu nation.”

After the four major political parties signed a 16-point deal on 8 June, the RPP-N has intensified protests demanding that Nepal be reinstated a Hindu nation in the new constitution. A group of Nepali Congress (NC) leaders, led by Khum Bahadur Khadka, has also launched a separate campaign for a Hindu nation.

During a nationwide campaign to collect public feedback on the draft constitution last week, most of the people had also preferred ‘religious freedom’ over ‘secularism’.

The Nepali Congress, the CPN (UML), the UCPN (Maoist) and the MJF (Democratic) on Tuesday agreed to use the term ‘religious freedom’ instead of ‘secularism’ in the new constitution in an attempt to appease the RPP-N and other pro-Hindu groups.

But the RPP-N says replacing ‘secularism’ with ‘religious freedom’ would not be sufficient. “The reinstatement of the Hindu nation is our bottom-line,” said Bista. “But we do not want to curtail rights of other religious groups, everyone will have rights to practice their religions within the Hindu nation.”


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3 Responses to “Pro-Hindu activists call strike”

  1. Gheo Chaku Naran on Says:

    Secularism is O.K.
    The translation as Dharma” Nirapexya” is outrageous.
    It is an oxymoron expression ,first and foremost.
    The Indian pundits have translated in the Hindi Text ,secular as panth nirapexya ,and not dharma nirapexya.
    Read The official government Hindi text of the Indian Constitution,please for the sake of information to the general public, who are used to only English text.
    Majahab is the proper translation of the word religion ,as it is an Abhramic ? Semitic origin expression ; .
    Dharma is oriental expression which has not yet been able to be translated in any European language, as has been accepted by all Euro=Oriental scholars still date.
    Dharm(/also called Dhamma in Pali) includes the following meanings ;

    duty,law,welfare,benevolence, good deeds, rights, justice,
    sacredness,purity, justification, ethical behavior, code of conduct, Nature, good association, tradition etc REFER Siva Ramapte’s SANSKRIT -Hindi Sabdakosh

  2. Yam Gurung on Says:

    It is very unfortunate and very sad ? to say that our beautiful”Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal”never been govern in the past or in the present context by the incompetent/puppet and corrupt regimes of Nepal.
    This is a very worrying situation in the birthplace of Gautam Buddha a prince who left his palace to find peace and the puppet regimes of Nepal is trying to create “Ethnic Cleansing”and trying to wipe out the religion and culture and”Status”of the ethic and the native people of Nepal.
    Jai Desh Jai Bhagya???…

  3. Sanim Gurung on Says:


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