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Amnesty refutes allegations

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

loring-amnesty-international-logoAmnesty International (AI) on Tuesday refuted allegations by its own ex-members that it had stood for violence and against justice.

Two days after eight of the 11-member executive committee of Amnesty International (AI)-Nepal resigned, the international human rights watchdog said it was not indifferent to the Adhikari couple’s struggle for justice and supportive of CK Raut’s political opinion.

On Saturday, the AI-Nepal’s majority executive members had resigned accusing the organisation of remaining silent even when Nanda Prasad Adhikari died during his fast-unto-death but supporting Raut. While Raut is known as a secessionist and arrested on the charge of treason, the Adhikari couple has demanded that those involved in his son’s murder be brought to the book. Even after Nanda Prasad’s death, his wife Ganga Maya has continued her fight for justice.

Amnesty International stated that it has always supported the call for accountability for the killing of the Adhikari couple’s son Krishna, and for thousands of other victims of Nepal’s armed conflict.

With regard to Raut, Amnesty International has said that it had called on the Nepali authorities to respect his rights to freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention.

“As an independent and non-partisan organization, Amnesty International is concerned with upholding the human rights of every individual, regardless of their political leanings. This does not imply an endorsement of CK Raut’s political opinions”, reads a statement by the global justice movement.

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One Response to “Amnesty refutes allegations”

  1. Ravi Raj Kaur on Says:

    In no country in the world have I seen that Amnesty is accused of anything. Obviously perspectives are confused.
    Yes Justice in Nepal is like trees on the arctic…there is none. Amnesty International is an Organization of volunteers that help throwing some light on the darkest corners of sheer injustice. Maybe you need more international stronger people. In Peru during the dictatorship they accused Amnesty International of being a terrorist organization. Usually it is when something good is done that reporters get shot.
    So called nepali democracy is actually Pol Pots rule. Good Morning and Thank you Amnesty International!

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