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Jogimara accident

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Four people, some of them believed to be foreign tourists, have been killed  and 14 injured in a road accident in Jogimara of Dhading district on Monday.

The accident occurred when a micro bus (Ba. 1 Pa 1028) carrying foreign tourists from Pokhara to Kathmandu collided with a bus (Lu. 1 Kha 9593) heading towards Kapilvastu from Kathmandu. Police say all the deceased are the passengers of the micro bus.

Police have yet to ascertain names and nationalities of the deceased. The injured have been rushed to Gajuri Hospital for treatment.

The accident has disrupted vehicular movement along the Prithvi Highway for some time.

Two more people have been killed in two other road accidents in Jajarkot and Jhapa districts on Monday.


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3 Responses to “Jogimara accident”

  1. Armugam on Says:

    Happen to pass through that spot that morning after the sad accident. It was the unfortunate combination of incessant rain / over speed / and above all the urge to overtake. The location offered no help either with cliff on one side and mountain hump plus drain ditch on the other under a slippery road condition.

  2. Naresh Newar on Says:

    Those of us who drive frequently across Nepal know that the first cause of any road accident are the drivers themselves. I’ve travelled in the most dangerous routes in the hills and the Tarai and the one thing I feared is not the narrow or the potholed roads but usually the micro bus or the public bus opposite me, or behind me. Many of them are young drivers who drive like maniacs often driving so recklessly. You can usually see the buses literally skidding and out of balance when they can’t control their own speeding.

    It’s time for the government to impose strict regulations for speeding and the country needs more traffic police on the highways monitoring the speed. The accidents are killing so many people every year. Literally, there is more risk of traveling by bus than by flights.

  3. namah on Says:

    @Naresh Ji: you are 100% correct. Arrest, Jail, Publicly Shame these morons who drive like maniacs…problem is even the pilots – national flights – are like cowboys…anyone care to join me for a walk?


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