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A letter to little Puja

Friday, March 27th, 2015

In this file photo, Puja Karki (in the middle) shouts slogans for justice in a rally in Kathmandu.

Dear Puja,

We live in an age where science has made it possible for us to know when someone will be born but cannot tell us when we are going to die. It is more elusive still, for people like you and I, who are like living corpses that have died over and over again.

When my father and grandfather raped me repeatedly, I hoped no other Puja would have to go through the same torture. Then I heard of you-my six year old namesake, raped by a 28-year old. I cannot even begin to comprehend what you must have gone through that night. I am sorry you did not have the strength to stay alive, given you are still a little child. I am sorry that demonic men like those exist, who do not think of the physical and emotional pain they cause us. Since I heard about your incident, I have been extremely upset and I cannot think straight. I cannot imagine how such an act is possible. Sometimes I feel like you are me and I am you.

We knew the reason you passed away was because of the injuries you had to sustain during the incident, but as a child did you even know what was happening to you? I was older and I understood, and I tried to end my life because of the torture I had to go through. But, Nepal Police and Rakshya Nepal came to help me, and I survived.

Last Wednesday, our Home Minister said that we are in a transition stage and incidents like rape occur. That was a very insensitive statement made by him. Would he say the same thing that rape happens if his daughter had been raped too? How can we expect him to protect our country when he cannot even protect little girls as young as four to women who are 70 from being sexually violated? The numbers of rapes are going up, this needs to be addressed.

How can we say there is justice when the victim dies and the perpetrator is free as a bird? Why doesn’t the government move forward with death penalty to rapists? They deserve it. Rapists are like bad apples: when one is rotten, it rots all the others in the basket. The only way to end rape is by getting rid of those rapists.

I will fight for you. I will fight for us. I will fight for your justice, even if it means I die in the process.  Dear sister, give me strength.


Puja Karki

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One Response to “A letter to little Puja”

  1. Deepak Dhungel on Says:

    If someone like minister cannot feel about an issue like this, we cannot expect to see him in his chair.

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