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Maoists revive YCL

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

211Hundreds of youths holding red flags and batons came out on the streets of Kathmandu on Tuesday.

They rallied protesters from different areas to throng the Exhibition Road of Kathmandu.

They were all wearing red caps, which had ‘YCL’ printed on them. The YCL stands for Young Communist League, the most notorious youth organisation of the UCPN (Maoist).

This is the first time the UCPN (M) has organised a rally of the YCL in the last few years. The YCL was dormant after it faced criticism for its violent activities.

The YCL rally took place just four days before what the UCPN (Maoist) says would be their biggest show of strength.

On 28 February, the UCPN (Maoist)-led alliance of opposition parties is organising a mass rally in Kathmandu to put pressure on the NC and the UML to write a new constitution through a consensus. The UCPN (M) has firmly instructed all their cadres to participate in the rally.

Addressing the YCL cadres, the UCPN (M) leader Janardan Sharma said: “Carrying batons is not our choice but compulsion. We felt the need to carry batons to write the new constitution as per the spirit of our past political movements.”

Sharma, who is also in-charge of mobilising volunteers, said the YCL will remain active unless the new constitution is written.

The ruling NC- UML and the opposition UCPN (Maosit)-Madhesi have not held talks after the Constituent Assembly (CA) initiated a vote on the contents of the new constitution.

Earlier, the opposition wanted the ruling coalition to halt the voting process for talks to resume. However, even after the CA Chair Subhas Nembang halted the voting process, talks have not resumed.

Both sides are now waiting for the 28 February rally. By bringing hundreds of thousands of people to Kathmandu on that day, the UCPN (Maoist) wants to prove that they have people’s support. On the other hand, a poor turnout will force the opposition to compromise on their stance.


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3 Responses to “Maoists revive YCL”

  1. bairagi khukuri on Says:

    This bears an uncanny resemblance to the hitler youth marches and gatherings. All they are missing are the swastikas. This notorious outfit is responsible for countless numbers of kidnappings, extortions and violent beatings. We cannot endure the same threats and terrror anymore. If the government cannot protect us, let us arm ourselves. We can’t hold off the armed mobs with our home-made “Gulelis”. We can be sure Maoists are going to activate them everytime things do not go their way.

  2. Dirgha Raj Prasai on Says:

    Dear Readers!
    Since 2063 BS, we Nepalese people are suffering from the Maoists trap who had and have been threatening showing the YCL force. The Maoists, like chameleons, are changing their hues and showing new dramas. Although there are variations in the parliamentary system they could have chosen the most appropriate one by taking the people’s mandate. But no one has tried to formulate a policy to follow a definite democratic system. It has been proved and there is no alternative for Nepal than to have constitutional monarchy and parliamentary system if there is to have lasting peace and guarantee of stability. But, Maoist including the pro-Indian party leaders Nepali Congress & UML declared republic unconstitutionally. That is the main causes of instability and crisis of Nepal.

    Nepal is facing a bleak future because of the anarchic activities of the so called big three parties- Congress, UML and Maoist. Their movement of 2006 which they claimed to be of full democracy has pushed the country on the verge of breaking up. The main reason for this is India’s naked interference. The Nepali Congress, UML and the Maoists do not take them as responsible when the country has clearly fallen under the grips of India. Nepalese people had expected a lot from the Maoists. But the people are betrayed by the Maoists because they fall from their ideology and anti-national attitude. Since 2005, the Indian intelligence agency, RAW has a grand design to make these party leaders swallow poison coated with sugar and to make Nepal implode.

    Nepal is a country which has a long history of communal harmony where all castes, religions and languages have survived and flourished with tolerance and co-existence. The Nepali language establishes the unity and collective identity of the diverse ethnic groups of Nepal. The Nepali Language has been both the official and the Lingua Franca between ethnic groups of Nepal (as well as abroad). Because it is the international language, we respect English language too. We regard the Hindi Language also but not as an official language, because everybody has their own mother languages. If Hindi also is accepted as an official language, that will mean the domination of India. And we’ll never support the suicidal demands of Indian agents.

    Since 2006, we, the Nepalese people are fighting against the republic, secularism and federalism are agendas of India-RAW & the CIA but are not the actual issues of Nepal. The reality is that we should have Nepal as a good example of ‘unity in diversity.’ That is, we must recognize the multi-cultures and multi-languages of Nepal as the national assets. Therefore, if Nepal’s sovereignty and her identity is to be saved there must be a common broad policy, which can make positive sweeping changes in politics, economy and social contexts of the country, devised and enforced. For the country’s sovereignty, Hindu Kingdom, people-oriented monarchy and Nepali as a national language must be kept intact and the way-out to the country’s problems should be sought by forming a non-controversial government of all hues and character.

    Thank you
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

  3. Tashi Lama on Says:

    If Nepal wants Peace and Prosperity, Maoism should be wiped away from Nepal.

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