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Show of strength

Friday, February 20th, 2015

2G8A9414In a bid to increase their bargaining power while negotiating with the ruling NC-UML parties, the UCPN (M)-led alliance of 30 opposition parties is gearing up for what it says will be a decisive street agitation.

The UCPN (M) and its allies are leaving no stone unturned to stage a show of strength on 28 February. They are preparing to bring thousands of cadres to Kathmandu from across the country for a mass rally.

They say the 28 February rally will be culmination of a series of protest programs, which they have been carrying out after a panel was formed in the Constituent Assembly (CA) to hold a vote on the contents of the new constitution.

The UCPN (M) and the Madhesi Front had set a precondition that they would resume talks with the NC and the UML only after cancellation or suspension of the voting process in the CA.

However, talks are yet to restart even though the CA Chair Subhas Nembang has already suspended the voting process by postponing the CA session for an indefinite period.

It seems that the UCPN (M) and the Madhesi Front will resume talks only after proving relevance of their political agendas through the 28 rally. The NC and the UML are also waiting for this day, hoping that failure of the 28 February rally will further diminish the opposition’s bargaining power.

The UCPN (M)-led alliance has warned of taking actions against those of their cadres who will not turn up in their show of strength.

“All those who are affiliated to any of our 30 parties will have to necessarily come to Kathmandu,” said Prem Bahadur Singh, spokesperson for the alliance. “If they don’t, they will face actions from their respective parties. We have also asked our party members to come to Kathmandu from abroad.”

However, the UCPN (M) leader Top Bahadur Rayamajhi says participation in the 28 February rally is not compulsory and no action will be taken against those who do not participate.

However, a UCPN (M) leader told Nepali Times that those who will not participate in this protest program will lose their membership. “It’s a do or die situation for us,” said he.

Om Astha Rai






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2 Responses to “Show of strength”

  1. bairagi khukuri on Says:

    This picture shows cadres in a kamikazee-like attire ready to beat up anyone opposing them with bamboo sticks. So this is what the democracy looks like in Nepal. I thought the show of strength was only practiced in dictatorship or in war. Are the monkeys preparing for a war? What is our army and police doing to protect us from this atrocities? Where are the human right advocates?

  2. Amar on Says:

    It shows the foolishness of Nepalese still following those political parties and leader who used them in the past to come from jungle to city and ruined their lives making them slave. Look at the faces of those bastards in the picture. Most of them are criminals with different charges. The people in the rally are the paid by maoist, Prachanda and Baburam using the money they looted at the time of war in the country, and most of them are associated to different criminal gangs and spend more than half of their life in prison.

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