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Foreign hand

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Editorial, Annapurna Post, 16 December

The country’s increasing dependency on foreign aid for development has turned many people to hold out their hands rather than use them for hard work. When leaders start appeasing donors, foreign interference becomes direct. The Indian-led 12-point agreement in November 2005 between the parties and the Maoists against the king is a stark example of direct foreign intereference in Nepal’s politics. Since then, other foreign powers have openly backed NGOs, INGOs, the various committees of the CA, civil society and media. But the open letter through the media to CA members by British Ambassador Andrew Sparkes to protect religious conversions crosses all norms and boundaries. It seems his understanding of secularism is defined in terms of the right of conversion. In other words, he is for giving conversions through inducement or coercion legal sanction in the new constitution. Just as India started its political interference after 2006, the UK and Scandinavian countries have tried to disturb communal harmony through INGOs, churches and their diplomatic missions. Political parties must warn Ambassador Sparkes about such outrageous meddling, and instruct foreign missions from further interference. The parties should also analyse their own role in giving in to diplomatic pressure to promote secularism, republicanism and federalism in the new constitution. If not, the public anger against Ambassador Sparkes may soon be directed at them.

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2 Responses to “Foreign hand”

  1. Hari Prasad Wagle on Says:

    Nepali leaders are cowardly, low life pimps of foreign powers. Nepali leaders are traitors, low level creatures, for their sell their Souls and they have sold Nepal and interest of Nepalis. Nepali leaders are blood suckers. When a foreign agent gives them a bone, they jump up and down and they are happy. The British Ambassador deserves to be persona non grata. Throw him out of Nepal. This Englishman is not a diplomat, but an enemy of Nepal, that colludes with our rotten Nepali leaders and brings harms to Nepal. Why there is no honest man in Nepali leadership. What a shame that is for the 28 million Nepalis.

  2. Khagendra Thapa on Says:

    I agree with Hari Prasad Wagle. Irresponsibility of political leadership has turned Nepal into hell on earth. There is not single good thing going on n Nepal for the last 25 years. All we see is corruption, lawlessness, lack of peace and security. Lack of any jobs and no future for young people. Consequently, about 1700 people are leaving the country everyday. There is a drama staged by the politicians in the CA in the name of writing a constitution. But it has been eight years when they took over power to create new Nepal but all we see is hopelessness in every aspect of life for the people. Murderers and rapists are let go at the request of political leaders and most of the political party leaders have criminal background. Under these circumstances, foreigners have a free hand as to whatever they want to do. That is why Nepal was declared secular nation and monarchy was overthrown without any input from the people.

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