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Modi grills RAW

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Sanghu, 17 November

 India’s foreign policy vis-à-vis Nepal is expected to see a departure from the past after Prime Minister Narendra Modi expresses his displeasure about the way bilateral relations have been handled by India’s foreign policy establishment and spy agencies. The briefing preceded Modi’s forthcoming visit to Kathmandu for the SAARC Summit. Highly placed BJP sources said RAW Chief Alok Joshi became nervous when he couldn’t satisfactorily answer Modi’s questions about why India wasn’t pursuing a policy of stability and peace in Nepal. Modi has praised Nepal’s peace process and strides towards democracy as being a “role model” at the UN General Assembly and at the Republic Day function at Delhi’s Red Fort in August. During his last visit to Nepal, he had told Nepali leaders to be united for prosperity. The spy chief is said to have been unable to provide a clear answer to Modi when queried about Nepal’s present political situation and the constitution. “You do a good job, but there is no doubt you have tried to manipulate things,” Modi was quoted as saying. Modi also asked about the when and what kind of constitution would be written, and if it would be acceptable to all Nepalis, and if not, why not. What would be the negative fallout of a constitution not acceptable to the people? What is the position of the ex-king and the monarchists? What has been the position of other countries on the politics, religion and society in Nepal? The intelligence chiefs were speechless after this barrage of questions.

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2 Responses to “Modi grills RAW”

  1. namah on Says:

    …ahem…a secret meeting is not so secret after all – eh? hmm… certainly plays well into Modi’s Nepal narrative. that said, I think he truly wants to change the way business is being done and we should be grateful for that.

  2. Mahesh on Says:

    Why blame RAW and Alok Joshi. He is just doing his job. The real culprits are the corrupted and criminals of Nepali political establishment and equally corrupted Nepali government officials. If a low level RAW agent commands and controls Nepali Ministers and even the PM, RAW is doing its job well. Nepalis always have shown the tendency to blame others for their weakness and shortcomings, specially the unethical Neta Ji Haru. They are also known to wash their dirty laundry in public, stab each other in the back and sell their souls for crumbs and peanuts. Nepalis have to build Nepal not Indians.

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