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Conservation first

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Interview with former finance secretary Rameshwor Khanal who was appointed chairman of the recently formed Chure Hill Conservation Committee.

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Why was the Chure Hill Conservation Committee formed?

The Chure region is an ecologically sensitive area, and the rampant degradation of the fragile Chure range has a direct impact in the Tarai. People downstream are already facing a range of problems including water sources drying up, frequent floods and landslides.

Why do you think you were chosen to lead this committee?

The Minister for Forests and Soil Conservation would be able to give an exact answer on this matter. But I feel that I might have been selected for this post since I was the finance secretary when the budget was allocated for Chure conservation.

What rights will the committee have?

The main task of the committee is to stop the ongoing, indiscriminate extraction of sand and stones in the Chure range. The committee will be responsible for designing and implementing programs and plans to save it from this practice’s destructive effects. It will also direct appropriate bodies to implement the committee’s decisions. The second objective is to ease the burden on and improve lives of affected local communities.

What will be done about ongoing debates over the jurisdictions of concerned districts and village development committees?

We will coordinate with all the district development committees and VDCs for Chure conservation. However, the conservation efforts shouldn’t be affected regardless of which concerned body objects.

Similar committees to protect the Chure range in the past struggled to yield substantial results. How will this committee be different?

The Chure Hill Conservation Committee wont be ineffective as others have been because I plan to involve committed, capable and qualified people.

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One Response to “Conservation first”

  1. Manoj K. Singh on Says:

    Dear Sir,
    May, I know how you will get involved the right people in the right place of operation in this ambitious goal ;which you are entitled to lead?Do you have the expert database available in South Asia/The world over Or in Nepal itself ?Because, this project is an extra ordinary thing involving the Department of Civil Engineering the most,Soil Mechanics ,Geology etc,& at Large The Dept. of Hydro-geology(especially landslides & Landslips) or it is going to be a white horse meant to fool the country and world for a long or very long time?
    Thanking you,
    P,S:- Hope to hear from you soon?

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