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Archive for October, 2012


President seeks advice on budget

President Ram Baran Yadav met economists at Shital Niwas on Friday and sought advice over the nature of the new budget. A partial budget was passed in July and expires in mid-November. Chiranjibi Nepal, one of the invitees, told reporters afterwards that the experts advised the President to pass a full budget to provide impetus […]

Animated glory

Nepali made animation film is featured on the front page of Vimeo

Leaders backtrack on election agreement

Barely three weeks after agreeing to hold new elections, leaders of two major parties have spoken publicly about the reinstatement of the defunct Constituent Assembly. At a programme organised at the Reporters’ Club in Kathmandu on Tuesday, UCPN(M) spokesperson Agni Sapkota said that his party would agree to an Nepali Congress-led consensus government only if […]

OHCHR releases Nepal Conflict Report

The Geneva office of OHCHR has released a 235 page Nepal Conflict Report which comprehensively details over 9,000 cases of human rights and international humanitarian law violations. The report is based on more than 30,000 archived documents sourced from National Human Rights commission, OHCHR’s field investigation reports and reports from various other organisations. The report […]

Criminal charges against UCPN(M) leaders withdrawn

After promoting an army officer accused of human rights abuses and torture during the insurgency, the Bhattarai-led government has withdrawn the criminal charges filed against Agni Sapkota and Tara Man Golay of UCPN(M). “These charges were withdrawn because they occurred during the conflict,” government spokesperson and Minister for Information and Communication Raj Kishor Yadav told […]

Government promotes accused NA officer

Ignoring repeated call by national and international rights bodies and victims’ families, the cabinet meeting on Thursday promoted an accused Nepal Army officer Col. Raju Basnet to the post of Brigadier General. The government had been under heavy pressure from organisations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch as well as National Human Rights Commission […]

Exodus of Janajati and Madhesi leaders from UML

After months of speculations over their political future, UML’s influential ethnic and Madhesi leaders including Ashok Rai, Bijay Subba, Rakam Chemzong, Rajendra Shrestha, Pasang Sherpa, Rizwan Ansari and Gopal Thakur have quit the party along with more than 500 activists. At a program on Thursday in Kathmandu, leaders blamed the party for being ‘anti-federal’ and […]