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Archive for September, 2012


Package deal on the cards

A meeting held on Friday between the UCPM(M), NC, UML and SLMM has decided that consensus over the next government to oversee elections will be made in a ‘package deal’. On Wednesday, the parties had decided to go for new elections after they could not agree on reviving the Constituent Assembly. At an earlier meeting […]

Parties agree on election

The four major parties UCPN(M), NC, UML, and SMLL have agreed to head for new elections after they could not make consensus over the revival of the Constituent Assembly. It is understood that the Maoists and the SMLL had wanted agreement on a 10 or 14 state model as a prerequisite for CA revival. But […]

Minister Joshi resigns

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai’s trouble seem far from over as one of his cabinet members resigned from the post on Tuesday. Minister for Land Reforms and Management Chandra Dev Joshi resigned citing Bhattarai’s failure to take initiative to resolve the political deadlock. Minister Joshi is Chairman of CPN-United which has now withdrawn its support to […]

Parties in discussion over alternatives

The UCPN(M), NC, UML and the SLMM have entered into discussion over the revival of the Constituent Assembly as an alternative to the current political deadlock. Agni Sapkota, spokesperson of the UCPN(M), said that discussions over fresh elections would take place only if consensus over CA revival cannot be reached. He added that a decision […]

PM defends ordinance stance

Speaking at the 13th annual general meeting of Pokhara University, Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai stated that interim constitution guarantees executive power of the state to the cabinet and the president must respect this. The PM also defended his government’s stance on ordinances, saying that it was standard practice across the world to pass ordinances in […]

Empty-handed on deadline-day

On a day earmarked as the deadline to solve all contentious issues, senior leaders of the UCPN(M), NC, UML and SLMM yet again came up short and were reminded by the President of the need to solve the current political deadlock as soon as possible. At the meeting in Shital Niwas, the President also expressed […]

UCPN(M) warns NC, UML

Speaking at a meet with journalists at the UCPN(M)’s party’s headquarters in Koteswor, spokesperson Agni Sapkota has warned that his party will respond from the street if the President takes unconstitutional steps. Sapkota pointed out that instead of prioritising consensus, the Nepali Congress and UML are trying to provoke the President to take an unconstitutional […]