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“I will not resign but we can make this a national government”

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Interview with PM Baburam Bhattarai in Nagarik, 26 June

What was the focus of your talk with Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh in Rio?

As a well meaning neighbor, India has valid concerns about Nepal’s current political situation and I conveyed to him that my government was determined to move ahead in a democratic way to resolve the present deadlock.

Will you resign to end the deadlock?

Prime Minister’s post is not a musical chair that could be handed over for the fun of it. This government will remain until an elected government takes over. If I resign now, it may invite another authoritarian takeover.

What is Indian position about the CA election in November?

This is our internal matter and it does not matter what positions they have. Indian Prime Minister is concerned about peace and stability here which is highly appreciated but I have already assured him that we are on track. People outside Nepal do not get carried away by sensational gossiping and know we have come too far to backtrack on peace and constitution.

Do you see the possibility of elections in November?

While I was in Rio, the four parties came together for a meeting. This is a positive step and I am determined to take this momentum forward in future. The future talks will focus on how to conduct elections in November for which we will discuss on all kinds of possibilities.

But the opposition says elections will not take place unless you resign?

If a child does not get what he wants, he cries but slowly tires and then goes back to doing what he must. I won’t take this otherwise.

But your Chairman has also said if the situation demands you will resign?

This is not true. This government was legitimately elected by the legislature parliament and in absence of another legitimate body it has a responsibility to carry on until the elections take place. I cannot push the nation into a political vacuum by resigning without a legitimate alternative.

Weren’t you in favor of resigning before you left for Brazil? What changed?

No, I never said I would resign because there is no legitimate way of forming another government at present. What I said was, we can make this government into a national government like it was, before the opposition resigned for no valid reasons.

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