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Supreme Court judge shot dead

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Supreme Court judge Rana Bahadur Bam, who was under investigation for misuse of his power was shot dead this afternoon in the capital. The assailants who had come on a Bajaj Pulser motorbike at around 11 in the morning fired three shots in his chest, his bodyguard was also shot in the incident. Bam was rushed to Norvic Hospital in Thapathali where he was declared dead at 1 PM.

The initial investigation has revealed that he may have been shot by those with whom he had illegal deals. He had been accused of accepting bribes and releasing criminals involved in heinous crimes for which the judicial council had asked the government to initiate his impeachment process. However, the impeachment of a Supreme Court judge requires a two-third majority from the parliament due to which the process was in limbo.

The further investigation is underway and the police has already sealed all the entry points into the valley, Central Investigation Bureau chief Upendra Kant Aryal said.

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One Response to “Supreme Court judge shot dead”

  1. Sangita Basnet on Says:

    Pushpa Kamal Dahal is a failed man ! Mr. Dahal must be forced to take responsibilty for all the violence and anarchy in Nepal, especially the violent crimes in Kathmandu Valley. Gachaddhar is without shame or respect. He should have the guts to resign from his job after the kiling of a SC Judge. Baburam Bhattrai is still in PM’s official residence, unwilling to resign. The Nepali Congress which is filled with egomaniacs, is split in Deuba and Koirala camp, they have no unity or respect for each other. UML is no better and has very corrupted communist. The Madhises are the same, split into factions and fighting for a chance to loot. And now the Maoist will split in two factions, Dahal’s and Baidya’s. This is despicable condition of Nepali politics. Nothing but gloom and doom for the people. What we need now is really a Shock and Awe moment in the Nepali political scene. Its time to clean house. The old, immoral and corrupted leaders must go. Its us people or them. I am also afraid that more voilence and more killing will happen. Kathmandu Valley has become a den of criminals that only know how to loot, plunder and kill. Nepal is on a downhill track, and no is there to apply the brakes.

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