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Travel alert on Nepal

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

The US Department of State has warned US citizens of the potential risks of traveling to Nepal just a day before the formal inauguration of the Nepal Tourism Year (NTY)-2011.

Issuing a travel advisory on Wednesday, the Department of State said it is concerned about the security situation in Nepal and asked U.S. citizens to “be prepared to change their plans on short notice”.
“Nepal has experienced significant political violence in the past and, although there have been markedly fewer major disturbances in recent months, political tensions remain. Protests, demonstrations, and disruptions continue to occur, often without advance notice,” it said.

The advisory also mentions that the U.S. government’s designation of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” organization under Executive Order 13224 and its inclusion on the “Terrorist Exclusion List” pursuant to the Immigration and Nationality Act, “remain in effect”.

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One Response to “Travel alert on Nepal”

  1. Vija Srestha on Says:

    It was expected and nothing new ,one has to be cautious and take own risk if one wants to travel to places where the political situation is unstable,where there is one caretaker government in which two parties have their own armies ,anything can happen.
    Can we give an assurance that nothing will happen,no we can not.

    Let’s not translate it as a political move by the USA,eventhough it has a taste to it.Our priority is not to look over shoulder what everyone else thinks as it is us and our actions that form the impression of who we are. Our priority is to get on with constitution writing and implementation of the agreements signed,don’t you think so?That is our only way.
    And it is duty and the responsibility of every enterpreneur who is doing bizness in the tourism sector to insure the safety of guests one welcomes and only.The success in Tourism Year 2011 will not be the amount of money it will bring in,but the safety of every guest ,that is what would be our answer to the article above and the impressons of every tourist back home is what matters.Don’t you think that only that and only that helps tourism bizness in a long run.

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