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Agreement to agree

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

A meeting of 27 parties have agreed to settle contentious issues in the Constituent Assembly Thematic Committees reports and forward them to the CA as soon as possible.

CA Chairman Subash Nembang presided over the meeting that took place at Singha Durbar.

The meeting agreed to settle issues in the drafting of the new constitution by holding an all-party meeting as the tenure of the High-level Political Task Force has already reached its deadline.

Out of 210 contentious issues in the reports prepared by the seven thematic committees of the CA, the taskforce formed with UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal as the Coordinator had settled 127 issues.

Parties are yet to reach to an agreement on many important issues including the form of governance and structure of federalism, the electoral system and whether or not to adopt pluralism.

According to lawmaker of the CPN (Unified), Pari Thapa, the meeting discussed the process of presenting the settled issues before the CA and about prioritising the remaining contentious issues.

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One Response to “Agreement to agree”

  1. Vija Srestha on Says:

    Agreement to agree.

    Let us think ,what does it mean?
    When undertaking negotiations it is all too easy to leave things unfinished,which can result in an unenforceable ‘agreement to agree’

    Example ”Out of 210 contentious issues in the reports prepared by the seven thematic committees of the CA, the taskforce formed with UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal as the Coordinator had settled 127 issues. ”

    We all would like to know what exactly are the prioritising and the remaining contentious issues that Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal as the Coordinaror wouldn’t agree with? You all represent people of Nepal and we have the right to know .

    I think it is time that Nepali newspapers let people in on what exactly was discussed during the meetings not just showing few rabbits and putting them back in the sack.

    Taking independent advice and settlement contracts such as these brings to an end the dispute as it is the solicitors’ responsibility to ensure that their client’s agreements are in fact binding.

    So is UNMIN’s withdrawal as it formally winds up MA can·ton·ment , temporary quarters for troops and Barracking of the Nepal Army.

    However the rehabilitation packages for reintegration to those discharged into the society and supported by the Government and the United Nations in Nepal are:like to draw your attention UN not UNMIN include: formal schooling, vocational training, training as health workers, and setting up of small/micro-enterprises. A discharged person shall have 12 months from the date of discharge to sign up for one of these packages.

    A UN team will monitor the Action Plan that the discharged person will not engage in violent activities within Maoists affiliated organizations. It is verified that the when the Maoist party shall have fully complied the plan, the party shall consider for removal the list of parties that recruit and use children in conflict through the annual UN Secretary-General’s report on Children and Armed Conflict.

    Under the Plan, monitoring will last for six months, and monitoring under Security Council will continue beyond that date.

    Therefore another UN political mission, with a different name, would be a must to accomplish the monitoring and supervision of the arms and armies of both sides, in addition to the necessary technical support to the Maoist army for (re)integration and rehabilitation.

    Absence of UNMIN is not the main issue here,it is the good will,promises made and signed,as most of the signed documents have no legal binding after the date expired.If we continue this road of mistrust,anger,just demanding ,not participating in betterment of one self,we will have long way to go,but I like to believe that we are able to overcome bitterness and forgive mistakes and go on ,this is again one chance to do so.

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