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CA term to be extended

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The three major political parties have agreed to extend the term of the Constituent Assembly by a year, according to Nepali Congress Spokesperson Arjun Narsingh KC.

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal will resign as part of the deal, KC said. The three parties came to an agreement just an hour before the term of the Constituent Assembly was due to expire.

It is unclear when Nepal will hand his resignation. KC said he will resign at an appropriate time after paving way for a national government.

The meeting of the legislative-parliament, to vote on the extension, began 20 minutes before midnight on Friday. Maoist leader Dev Gurung and Sadbhavana Party leader Sarita Giri withdrew their parties’ objection to the government bill seeking extension of the CA term.

UPDATE: The parliament has passed the government bill to extend the CA by 580 – 5 votes.

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2 Responses to “CA term to be extended”

  1. Sudan Gautam on Says:

    Nepalese Politicians practice the same thing regularly with the same method and we Nepalese keep expecting the different results. Though it’s a good news that they have extended the time to draft the constitution but still the cloud of uncertainty keeps hovering in Nepalese sky. Now it’s time to see who is going to lead ahead. Personally i don’t see any leader who can bring the difference over here and i am still uncertain will they ever be successful to shoulder up the responsibilities? Now its the right time for every party to perform better and win the heart of Nepalese citizens if they want to win the next public election. For now lets seat back and watch; as you never know what sort of drama is going to take place over here. Please save this nation….

  2. Bhola Nath Nepali on Says:

    OK…the best news is that the Maoist, who are nothing but thugs, the Maoist who dupe innocent Nepali villagers and themselves live like kings, the Maoist
    who should all be hanged for the crimes against the Nepali people and Nepali nation – thank God, at least they have ben cut to their size. Maoist, who use
    brute force and murder people, they all should be killed for their atrocious crimes. Anyway, a message to the Indians, I hope you have learnt your lesson in deal with choor prachande and daku baburame…. listen Indians in Delhi,
    if there is no peace in Nepal, thn there will be no peace in India. Get it.

    Jai, Jai, Jai, Nepal

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