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Squeezing stone

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

The hope that the constitution may be written on time is officially over as one of the ruling parties, CPN-UML, asked to extend the term of Constituent Assembly. Republica reports:

Coming with the conclusion that there is no possibility of producing a new constitution by the May 28 deadline, the parliamentary party meeting of the CPN-UML Monday urged the ruling party to extend the term of Constituent Assembly.

“The constitution can’t be drafted by May 28 at any cost. The UML is very clear about this,” UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal told reported after the conclusion of the meeting.

Nepali Congress, on the other hand, has argued that new elections should be held if the constitution is not be drafted on time. Kantipur writes:

Nepali Congress leader Ram Chandra Poudel said it was possible to dissolve the Constituent Assembly and hold new elections because the Maoists had created an hostile environment preventing the constitution from being written on time.

“If the Maoists will not agree to extend the Constituent Assembly deadline with a certain mission and a timetable, then there are no other alternatives but to hold new elections,” he said.

The Maoist party has said a “final revolt” is necessary to achieve a people’s constitution and started training its cadres from various sister wings. Republica writes:

The party has also completed major training for its cadres for the last push. According the the party sources, the party has divided the cadres into three groups for the purpose. The training for the assault groups, who will be on the frontline has already been completed. The groups include the most competent members of the YCL and former combatants. The second group includes district level party cadres and members of various party wings. And the third group includes general party cadres and their training will continue till May 1.

The party has said they will not extend the CA’s term to extend until the current government is replaced.

“Even if the CA deadline is extended, a people’s constitution will not be drafted. So ask people to come to the streets for people’s constitution,” [Maoist Chairman] Dahal told journalists.

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has indicated that he is willing to step down from the government. Nagarik has reported that he will resign under the following conditions:

a)      Maoists will implement the Comprehensive Peace Agreement

b)      Maoist party will become a civilian party

c)      Maoists will be honest in the integration of its combatants

d)      They will return the property captures during and after the insurgency

e)      They will dismantle the para-military structure of the PLA

The list was presented during a meeting with newly appointed United States ambassador to Nepal, Scott H DeLisi.

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6 Responses to “Squeezing stone”

  1. John on Says:

    The US ambassador’s surname is spelled DeLisi.

    It’s too bad that even the Nepali Times falls prey to the misuse of while and until: “The party has said they will not allow the CA deadline to extend until the current government remains in power.” It should be either “…while the current government remains in power” or “… until the current government is replaced.”

    And the deadline can’t extend, it can only be extended.

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