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Archive for February, 2010


Withholding allowance

After accusing the Maoists of exaggerating the number of combatants in UNMIN camps last week, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is now looking into blocking the combatants’ monthly allowance, Kantipur reports: The government has reported that it might stop monthly payments to Maoists combatants stationed in temporary camps. Saying that the Maoist party has been […]


The 100-day countdown for the Constituent Assembly to finish writing the constitution begins today. To mark this milestone, and to let people know how their time is being used up, the Public Opinion and Coordination Committee of the CA is going on a tour of the country. The Kathmandu Post writes: The committee has decided […]

Crime and consequence

This heart-wrenching news from The Himalayan Times is being talking about a lot today: An elderly couple of Bhalakcha, Rukum, along with their daughter, committed suicide on Sunday night due to the inability to get their daughter treated for epilepsy. The 27-year-old girl also killed herself. Dal Bahadur Oli (72), his wife Kali (68) and […]

The machine is quiet

The parliament’s Public Accounts Committee held a hearing with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minster for Foreign Affairs Sujata Koirala on Sunday about the bidding process for machine readable passports. Naya Patrika recorded the conversation between Committee member Prakash Chandra Lohani and Minister Koirala: Lohani: Four companies were on the short-list. So one of the […]

Looking for a ménage à trois

It may be Valentine’s Day but there is no love lost between Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and the opposition leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal. On Saturday, Dahal was said to be unhappy about the government’s decision not to allow Nepali Police and Nepal Army to participate in the games organised to mark the 15th anniversary […]

Miseries at low level

India has decided to resume the export of wheat and rice to India since banning it in 2007. The Himalayan Times reports: India had banned the export in early 2007 and had lifted the restriction for a few days in July last year before re-imposing it. India’s decision to export the grain heralds good news […]

Cashing in

The police found the motorcycle used by Jamim Shah’s assassins but by the time they got there the criminals had fled. Republica writes: Investigative officials estimate that the murderers might have escaped through the north-west entry zone of the Valley after dumping the bike in an area which is at least a 30 minutes’ drive […]