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Arms controversy

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Maoist cadre captured two Armed Police Force trucks ferrying arms to the capital last night. According to the Home Ministry the trucks were carrying “explosives, bullets and training logistics for the Armed Police Personnel”.

According to Republica:

The Maoists have taken strong exception to arms import by the Armed Police Force, calling it a breach of the CPA, and they have decided to raise the issue with the government and the high-level political mechanism.

But instead, they headed to Naubise and took the trucks under control, writes The Kathmandu Post:

Two APF vehicles (a truck and an escorting vehicle) managed to move ahead from Dharke, only to be stopped at Naubise. The Maoists and police clashed in Naubise when the former tried to take the vehicles under their control. A few Maoist cadre, including Maoist CA member Pushpa Bikram Malla, sustained injuries in the clash. The Maoist leaders, including Janardan Sharma ‘Prabhakar’ and Lekhraj Bhatta, had gone to Naubise last night after the incident.

Security forces managed to release the trucks only on Saturday morning and brought the vehicles to the APF Headquarters at Halchwok. A large number of security personnel were mobilised to secure the arms and ammunition-laden trucks, which were brought from APF’s training school at Bardaghat.

The arms were being imported from India.

“United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) has called on the government and the Maoists not to involve themselves in any activities including making public statements against the peace process, but the UN body stated that investigation of the arms import doesn’t fall under its jurisdiction”, Republica further notes.

According to the CPA:

5.1.2. Both sides shall not recruit additional armed forces or conduct military activities, including transporting weapons, ammunitions and explosives.

However, the security forces deployed by the interim government shall have authority to conduct routine patrol, explore in order to prevent illegal trafficking of the weapons, explosives or raw materials used in assembling weapons at the international border or custom points and seize it.

5.1.6. Nepal Police and Armed Police Force shall give continuity to the task of maintaining legal system and law and order along with criminal investigation as per the norms and sentiments of the Jana Andolan and peace accord as well as prevailing law.


About the rumours of the banda tomorrow: Apparently Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal has called a banda in the capital tomorrow demanding a referendum on constitutional monarchy, federalism and secularism.

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3 Responses to “Arms controversy”

  1. Shyam on Says:

    Nepal has become Wild West where any body can do any thing, even capture the arms and ammunition of the police and military. There is no rule of law in the country and no one is serious about it as well. It is being reigned with the Maoist philosophy and ideology of ” Power flows through the barrel of the gun “. The greed, avarice, indifference and ineptness of those in the government ( Congress, Communist, Democrats, Dictators, and all ) have brought the country into this state. Lawless environment and atmosphere prevails through out the country since the Government is dysfunctional. The million dollar question is how long will this continue and who will resolve. The future is very dark and general public are tired and exhausted with the system and will need to take the situation into their own control. That day is looming ahead.

  2. Surya on Says:

    Having read some plenty of articles recently in newspapers, I see Nepali congress preparing itself and working hard to reach the people and win the trust they have lost. Many NC cadres can be seen these days going to some remote districts in different parts. On the other hand, the Maoist themselves are digging their own grave. Because of the violent activities of their cadres and their affiliated sister organization, NC has taken the advantages of it to win the people this time. The Maoist needs to be more diplomatic, rather than speaking ruthlessly and beating up innocent people. They indeed have a very clear vision but lack credibility. Ethnic federalism, people sovereignty, national independence are the terms they have been raising. Moreover they need to show us a way, a credible and logical reasons how it’s going to help our nation and the people. Having been outside the government, they must take the advantage of this situation to gain bigger trust of the people and come up with full majority in next election. I undoubtedly support Maoist since they have more sincere, honest and talented people. All they need right now is to learn to be diplomatic and less violent.

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