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Banda called off

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

An update: The Maoist party has agreed to withdraw the indefinite strike supposed to have begun on Sunday. The High Level Political Mechanism meeting on Tuesday had urged the Maoist leaders to withdraw the banda. Maoist leaders are expected to make an official statement about the withdrawal later today.

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4 Responses to “Banda called off”

  1. GyaRel on Says:

    As Maoist strategy is to have three pace ahead and two pace reverse, so that they always get advantage. This time as well, I will not be surprised if they announce another series of Desh Bandh within a few weeks after they withdrew this one. I still believe this is their ploy to fool common people. So, we must wait and watch. Prachanda can not be trusted because he speaks onething today, and later he says media misunderstood it while his verbal words are recorded in deigital formats and circulated around the world. He does not get ashamed for claiming that people misunderstood his meaning. At this moment, he is running rhetorics against India, and India is backfiring him and it should be game plan. I don’t think it (Banda withdraw drama) will last a long. If it lasts, I will be surprised that a Hyaena changed the habit and became vegetarian, and it will lose weight in a matter of weeks, and then it will not feel safe to continue and return to open field for hunting its prays from back: Hyena’s target is always Gudhdwar, not the neck. That makes a big difference between Lion and Hyena. Maoists will attack general Nepali’s Gudhdwar and make them panick, unfortunately, while their main body is alive.

  2. anil on Says:

    thing will wear off most heard headed mao sympathizers like your self are feeling the same vomits.

  3. Norbu Ghaley on Says:

    Bhanda! Bhanda! Bhanda! meaning close! close! close! What the hell is this practice unending?

    Politicians of all kind in Nepal are addicted with this practice of Nepal closure, I wonder why they repeat this nasty and harmful practice time again and again? I have a suggestion here now, it is now high time to have Nepal closure (Bandha) get recorded in the Genius Book of records, by now Nepal surely have broken all world records, this is what they might be dreaming after!

    Down with all the hypocrite politicians of Nepal, more particularly the crafty and cruel Maoist! If they remain in power in our mainstream politics, they will make our country poorest and hell on earth! For the very small gain with their political message, they make whole country and people suffer badly! All Nepalese should rise against this cruel practice of Nepal Bandha!

  4. bhattary on Says:

    At this stage the nation is pro india because self destructive. They did not colonize us, we are damn stupids.
    China is selling chinese 7th rate plastics and toxics.\\ Nepal what will Nepal survive by stopping an electricity project from India????????/

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