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"If your stomach hurts, is it the king’s fault?"

How do you feel about the parties declaring a republic?
Bharat Keshar Singh: How would anyone feel about such an undemocratic, unconstitutional and baseless decision? Right now, the parliament itself is unconstitutional because they're not elected. The king was the one who gave them their powers and now they're the ones to strip the king of his powers. How can this happen? This is even more stupid than what Jang Bahadur did.

What is the king's reaction to all this?
If there was any meaning then there would be a reaction. There is no meaning so there is no reaction. If someone says I'll cut off your name and take away your means of living, what do you say to a crackpot like that? This is why the king is quiet.

Doesn't the palace's silence show its acquiescence?
Why comment on something that has no facts, no truth and is unconstitutional? The current prime minister took his oath from the king. Up till now, he is the king's prime minister. It was when he declared himself prime minister and didn't come to the king to take the oath that all this senselessness started happening. They themselves wrote in the interim constitution that the king's fate would be decided by the constituent assembly but they have already made the decision.

Why do you oppose the parties so much?
Maybe I oppose them because I'm a royalist. But talk to the foreigners: they think that the current government is a joke.

But the people seem to be siding with the seven parties.
The people wanted democracy but are now wondering if they've brought in another Rana-rule. One party gets to have all the weapons it wants while the king's weapons get locked in the barracks.
How does this happen?

Why doesn't the palace say anything? Are they scared?
What if the king says something and then the parties declare a republic then and there? I don't know if it is fear. We tell the king what we think, but there is no right or wrong response from him.

What kind of things do you talk to the king about?
I brief him on whatever is happening. I tell him about how the people are suffering, power is being abused, the economic situation is deteriorating, and there is no law and order. The king is very worried. Many refer to his silence as the calm before the storm.

Do you think the army is showing any loyalty to the parties?
How should I know? Am I in the army? The CoAS claims to be all for the nation, nationalism and constitutionalism.

What if a constituent assembly majority decides not to have a king? Will you accept the decision?
Of course. Why not? But that election needs to be impartial. It should be done under international supervision. If the decision is democratic, then it needs to be accepted. If not, then we must take up arms just like the Maoists.

Do you think there will be an election in April?
Looking at the present circumstances, there is no way in hell it'll happen. Do you want to exclude the tarai and hold elections only in Kathmandu?

Some say that the king incited the tarai.
Can you say anything you want? Here's an SMS joke - if your stomach hurts, it must be the king's fault. Still, the king remains quiet, I myself am surprised.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)