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Withholding allowance

After accusing the Maoists of exaggerating the number of combatants in UNMIN camps last week, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is now looking into blocking the combatants’ monthly allowance, Kantipur reports: The government has reported that it might stop monthly payments to Maoists combatants stationed in temporary camps. Saying that the Maoist party has been […]

Free fall

The cabinet held an emergency session on Monday to launch a special committee that will investigate the murder of Jamim Shah. It will include officials from Nepal Police, National Investigation Department and Office of Attorney General. While we wait for the committee’s findings, Nagarik has a pretty good background on Jamim Shah and his business […]

Integration issues

Once upon a time in a country called Nepal, seven political parties decided to sign an agreement called the Comprehensive Peace Accord. Both sides were in a hurry for peace and it seems like they didn’t read what they signed, or left some provisions deliberately vague so that they would have something to quarrel about, […]

‘Foreign agents’

An armed group killed a 10-year-old schoolboy in an indiscriminate firing incident in Kavre on Wednesday. Santosh Karki, a quite second grader, was on his way home from school when he was shot dead. Kantipur reports that the armed group was called by a local Maoist party worker who was facing minor disputes with his […]

Crises loom near

We have 10 federal states in the country, and will have three more by the end of the week. The ruling coalition has been calling the Maoists’ move unconstitutional. Now, human rights activists and law experts are adding their voice to the criticism. The Kathmandu Post reports: Human rights bodies and law experts have expressed […]

Army battles

So the Maoists are going to release unqualified combatants unilaterally. Turns out, United Nations and the government are not crazy about sending them packing without seeking for a commitment that they will not involved them in any armed outfits later. Rajdhani reports: “We want the Maoist to agree that unqualified combatants, including child soldiers, would […]

The morning after

This is what we, as a country, achieved as a result of the banda on Sunday: a torched ambulance in Kailali, several vandalised vehicles in various parts of the country, a vandalised pharmacy in Kathmandu, several injured policeman and 57 protesters in custody. A meeting was definitely in order. After the protesters headed home and […]