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Talks fail, strike begins

The Maoist-called indefinite strike began with the shutdown of transportation, educational institutes and industries on Sunday after a meeting of the three parties failed to produce a consensus. Speaking at the rally to mark International Labour Day on Saturday, Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said the people will not leave the street until the government […]

Squeezing stone

The hope that the constitution may be written on time is officially over as one of the ruling parties, CPN-UML, asked to extend the term of Constituent Assembly. Republica reports: Coming with the conclusion that there is no possibility of producing a new constitution by the May 28 deadline, the parliamentary party meeting of the […]

Caught on fire

Deputy Prime Minister Sujata Koirala smells the whiff of conspiracy in the air. On Thursday she said the government was unable to implement the use of machine readable passports due to a conspiracy. The process of handing the contract of machine readable passports to India was halted on Wednesday by a Supreme Court order. Nagarik writes: […]

Let down

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is losing support from friends while opponents have made their voices stronger. We have a list of parties who have added their voice to the opposition. Those who have withdrawn their support: Nepali Sadbhavana Party (Anandadebi) – The party has accused that the government failed to forge a national political […]

New opposition

Are the Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s days in office numbered? Members of his own party have signed a petition asking him to “open ways for national government”, Kantipur writes: By Tuesday evening, a total of 70 CC members and a majority of CA members had put their signatures on the proposal demanding that Prime […]

Record spending

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s government has set a record by being the biggest spender since the country adopted the multi-party democracy. According to Kantipur, Nepal’s 43-member cabinet has already blown off its annual budget. Last year, the prime minister and cabinet members’ staff did not even spend Rs 20 million set aside for them. […]

One weapon, one combatant

The government has unveiled a strategy to integrate as many Maoist combatants into the army as there are arms in the Maoist arsenal. According to Kantipur: Peace Minister Rakam Chemjong said the integration would be based on ‘one combatant one weapon’ theory. “UNMIN has verified that there are 3,400 weapons, so only as many combatants […]