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“We will address KC’s demands”

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016
FTNP Himal

Pic: Bikram Rai

From the Nepali Press

Excerpts of interview with newly-appointed Health Minister Gagan Kumar Thapa in Himal Khabarpatrika,  4-10 September

Himal: You are considered a beacon of hope in the new government. Are things different after becoming a minister?

Gagan Thapa: I was accused as someone who just talk, but as CA member my job was to talk as I didn’t have any executive power.  Now I have responsibilities at the Ministry of Health and Population. In the beginning I was nervous, but I overcame that after assuming office.

Dr. Govinda KC has undergone hunger strikes eight times demanding improvements in medical education and the health sector. How are you going to address his demands?

The government will indeed address Govinda KC’a demands. The remaining issues, which were not addressed while KC will be included in the Medical Education Act Bill which will be passed soon by parliament. We will start discussions to open medical colleges in all provinces as demanded by KC.

One of the issues raised by KC is related to the conduct of the Commission on the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) chief. I was the one who registered the Proposal of Public Importance but as
Minister I am not allowed to pursue the matter.

Dr. KC has demanded the impeachment of the CIAA chief for his corrupt practices. How will you address this demand?

The demands will be automatically included while discussing medical education and health in parliament. But it is surprising KC ‘s demand is not being discussed.

If the Prime Minister’s speech and the letter sent to India is discussed in parliament, there should be discussions on Govinda KC’s demands too. It will be difficult to restore the people’s faith in parliament if issues of public importance are not taken up. Opinions, both for and against an issue can be taken up but only if they are allowed to be raised in parliament.

There seems to be undue interference by the CIAA in the Medical Council. What do you propose to do about that?

Implementing the Medical Education Act and appointing eligible officials by formulating proper criteria will be done immediately. This is a must to stop irregularities and ill practices like illegally adding seats in medical colleges using and admitting Nepali students as foreigners.

Can we say that the issues raised by Dr. KKC will be the basis of your working plan?

I do not want to confine myself to that, but Govinda KC has demanded improvements in medical education. I am planning for broader changes than that. I plan to leave the ministry only after establishing proper norms.

How will you solve the problem of health care for the poor?

It will take some time to supply medicines regularly to health centers and health posts. Our ministry has already taken up the task to improve the supply of medicines by streamlining procurement and

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    It is not establishing tapai proper norms.

    Do you understand people study in Leiden University, Princeton, Yale or Harvard and not in the hairdresser shop next door?

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