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Deuba backs Dahal

Thursday, July 14th, 2016
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NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba informs journalists about his party’s decision to support Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal as new Prime Minister. Photo: RSS

UCPN (Maoist-Centre) Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal is set to become Nepal’s Prime Minister for the second time.

After the main opposition NC endorsed a seven-point agreement between its President Sher Bahadur Deuba and Dahal on Wednesday, the Maoist leader’s re-entry into Singha Darbar as the country’s executive chief is a mere formality.

On Tuesday, the Maoists had decided to withdraw support from the UML-led government. Prior to that, however, they had signed the seven-point agreement with the NC. As per this agreement, the NC will support Dahal’s prime-ministership for nine months, after which Dahal will resign for Deuba to assume the post of PM for the next nine months.

As Prime Minister KP Oli refused to step down even after the withdrawal of support by his party’s major coalition partner, the Maoists registered a no-confidence motion in Parliament on Wednesday. With backing from the NC, Madhesi and other fringe parties, the Maoists can now easily unseat Oli who only has support from 252 legislators as against the opposition’s 342 legislators.

Dahal first became Prime Minister in 2009 after his party secured a landslide victory in the first Constituent Assembly elections in 2008. But his tenure was short-lived, as he had to bow out after failing to sack the then-army chief Rookmangud Katwal.







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6 Responses to “Deuba backs Dahal”

  1. Utsuk on Says:

    Congratulations in advance to PM Dahal

  2. yam gurung on Says:


  3. anonymous on Says:

    Now the only real question is what is the difference between ALL of them even Sujata or Baburam? Whole thing must be focused on content level, reconstruction, 1. jobs 2. stability 3.
    I am glad Oli is gone it was the communication thing. Rebuilding was not properly done, too slow. And to tackle corruption you may consider involving western volunteers, it is very difficult to see what is wrong in your own behaviour when you just do what all did in history. Like the french president has a monthly haircut/ paint in 10 lakh.
    He is Not King and there is a long time economic crisis. Wrong priorities and this is a socialist president. Ridiculous.
    Do we feel Prachandra cares? Maybe. It was a collective effort to save maobadis, before Baburam takes over ( they think and I also think).
    On the long run they may or may not succeed to keep Naya Shakti out. Most likely not. Then Prachandra II rebuilds and cooperates with Naya Shakti. So Oli is out because they must criticise their own wonderful.

  4. Round table on Says:

    What a joke!!! Pm every nine months…

  5. love Nepal on Says:

    Memories of politicians in Nepal are shorter than Nemo’s. It is happening again and again. I really hope wise people in Nepal teach these thugs a big lesson.

  6. Guido on Says:

    so we are back to the same game of the 90s, by the same actors?! just few decades wasted!

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