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Bhattarai’s new party

Sunday, June 12th, 2016
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Bhattarai waves to his supporters at the launch of his new party in Kathmandu on Sunday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo: Gopen Rai

Ex-Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai announced his new political party – Naya Shakti Nepal — in Kathmandu on Sunday.

Bhattarai, also a former Prime Minister, quit the Maoists – a party that he formed two decades ago and nurtured alongside Pushpa Kamal Dahal – last year, just after the promulgation of the new constitution. Known as a Maoist ideologue during the war, Bhattarai now claims he is no longer a communist, and that his party’s top agenda is to transform the country’s economy.

After the announcement, Bhattarai administered the oath to all the party leaders and members in Dasarath Stadium, which was filled with thousands of supporters. He said he formed this party to turn Nepal into a developed country.

Bhattarai is often credited for persuading the Maoist Chair Dahal to end the war, join hands with parliamentary parties against the monarchy and participate in multiparty democracy. He won more popularity as a Finance Minister in the first Maoist government.

But as Prime Minister, Bhattarai failed to live up to the Nepali people’s aspirations. His premiership was marred by controversy over his government’s recommendation that a presidential pardon be granted to Maoist leader Balkrishna Dhungel, who had been accused of murder.

According to Bhattarai, his new party will maintain financial transparency, but it has already been criticised for printing full cover-page advertisements on all the broadsheet dailies on Sunday without revealing the source of income for the blitz on publicity.

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4 Responses to “Bhattarai’s new party”

  1. Whatever on Says:

    Would populace harbor no more grudges for his past deeds? All know in Nepal that he was one of the dark angels of Communism that shattered many innocent lives. As of now he wants to wash his hands, but as y’all might be in the know that such a dogmatism is like a disease that goes dormant flaring up with the next political trigger. Two decades lost coz of Maoists tantrums which brought death and poverty to the populace. For now we know one thing for sure that is, those who can make ya believe in absurdities can make ya commit atrocities. As Nepalese haven’t seen another fortuneteller in years if he still enjoys to be a goofball it shall be real hard to make the mass believe in what he says!?!

  2. fungi on Says:

    he’s just a puppet of the south.

  3. Hurray on Says:

    Communism is an ideology and a communist has convictions that cannot be wiped out let along changed so easily and rapidly.
    Mr. Bhattarai is just an opportunists and nothing more. People who support him are fools and nothing less.

  4. sokaso on Says:

    just look at him – clearly a narcissistic nitwit! that too running on instructions from his masters across the southern border. this guy has single-handedly done more damage to this country and its citizens than anyone in the history. its time to expose and castigate BRB!!

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