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CIAA detains Dixit

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

kanakThe Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) arrested journalist Kanak Mani Dixit from Patan Dhoka on Friday.

A team of police sent by the CIAA arrested Dixit, co-publisher of Himalmedia and also the Chair of Sajha Yatayat on the charge of ‘misappropriation of money’.

The CIAA had been investigating a corruption case against Dixit. In its arrest warrant, the CIAA said ‘his explanation was not satisfactory’. The letter further stated: ‘Since you (Kanak Mani Dixit) need to be investigated on the accusation that you had amassed disproportionate wealth you are required to accompany the police. Otherwise, they will take you by force.”

Before taken into custody, Dixit told journalists: “I was arrested by the Gyanendra regime at the same spot, now CIAA Chair Lok Man Singh Karki is arresting me in this so-called democracy.”

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4 Responses to “CIAA detains Dixit”

  1. real don on Says:

    Real looters of Nepal.

  2. gulf on Says:

    if karki wants to check illegally obtained property inside and outside, go after PKD, BRB and their cronies who looted banks and then state coffers. this is just another proof of indian agents in high posts to subjugate this country – dixit is being silenced for his ongoing strong voice against indian blockade. rest is just a farce.

  3. Birat on Says:

    Respected editors,

    We all know that this country Nepal doesn’t have any systems. Even law and order can be bought each and every day.
    If Kanak sir is innocent, he will be released. But “Patience” is the right word.
    I just wonder, when it comes to Kanak sir, who is a social respensible person, there’s a big headline, but imagine how many people in Nepal go through this everyday and every minute?
    His interrogation should be an example to both the sides. One that things should be conducted in a fair manner and with proofs. And the other, a normal citizen can get through the harrasment of the state, if he is innocent…

  4. R Rai on Says:

    Mr Dixit is a man of principle. He deserves respect and appreciation not custody.

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