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Madhesis laud India-EU statement

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

At least two Madhesi parties have welcomed the EU-India press statement on Nepal, which was criticised by the government as ‘an interference in its internal affairs’ and ‘against the sentiments of the Nepalis’.

Tarai Madhes Loktantrik Party (TMLP) became the first Madhesi party to welcome the India-EU statement, saying ‘the outcry against it was not necessary’. Suresh Mandal of the TMLP said: “It is natural for the international community to speak up against injustice done to us.”

On Sunday, Tarai Madhes Sadbhavana Party (TMSP) followed the suit. Rameshwor Ray of the TMSP said: “This is an example of how the international community cannot tolerate discrimination against marginalised communities.”

Madhesi parties have been protesting Nepal’s new constitution since August 2015, saying it does not ensure their proportional representation in parliament and other state organs.

India had backed Madhesi parties by choking off the supply of fuel and essential commodities to Nepal for five months. India lifted its blockade after Nepal passed a cabinet resolution to address Madhesi issues within three months by forming an all-party mechanism.

But the mechanism formed by the government has not taken full shape, because the ruling UML-Maoist-RPPN coalition and the main opposition NC have not been able to forge a consensus with Madhesi parties yet. India is putting pressure on Nepal’s major parties to address Madhesi demands by redrawing federal boundaries through this mechanism within three months.

While in Brussels to attend the 13th EU-India summit last week, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi persuaded the EU to mention Nepal in their joint statement. They stressed ‘the need for a lasting and inclusive constitutional settlement in Nepal that will address the remaining constitutional issues in a time bound manner, and promote political stability and economic growth.”

Nepal reacted swiftly by asking India and the EU to ‘respect its sovereignty’ and ‘refrain from making uncalled for statements’. A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was against ‘the fundamental principle of non-interference in internal affairs of a country in breach of UN charter and norms of international law’.

A cabinet meeting also took exceptions to the statement, and Deputy Prime Minister CP Mainali told journalists that Indian and EU ambassadors to Nepal will be ‘summoned’ on this issue. But Madhesi parties say the government must resolve internal political issues before flaying the India-EU statement.

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3 Responses to “Madhesis laud India-EU statement”

  1. namah on Says:

    there was/is/will be only one issue in Nepal which needs political/social/emotional will power.


    sad that even top editors of nepali magazines ignore this.

  2. Rupal on Says:

    I was supporting the Madhesi causes but after the leaders paraded in New Delhi and in Patna, and with this latest example of supporting the EU-India statement, I am done with the Madhesi leaders. They do not speak for the Madhes, nor for Nepal. The choice, for the Madhesi leaders, is not Bharat Mata or Nepal Ama. The choice for them is now, do you want to stay with Nepal or go to Bihar? Do you want to be one among one and quarter billion or one among thirty millions?
    India must stop backing the Madhesi leaders. I know India wants to see Nepal remain poor and begging to India always. India is already having a lot of Naxal problems in the poverty stricken areas. But in the interest of India alone, does India want to destabilize Nepal? Do think thrice, please.

  3. Ravi raj kaur on Says:

    In matters of european impirtance, refugees and so in Europe itself was not very proactive/ visionary. Pakistani, albanians try to get into Europe which is weakened by economic crisis. Difference us confident outgoing communication by Heads of States. A weekly intervie with hopeful positive news on Kantipur. The issues of youth unemployment, chinese influence and boost of reconstruction, educational, gender refirms.

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