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Nepal’s constitution is an achievement: Modi

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Photo: External Affairs Ministry of India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dubbed Nepal’s constitution as an important achievement.

After meeting with Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Oli in New Delhi on Saturday, Modi told a joint press conference: “After decades of struggle, framing and promulgation of Nepal’s constitution is an important achievement.”

However, Modi said success of the constitution would depend on consensus and dialogue, clearly hinting that India still wants to see a consensus between the Big Three and Madhesi parties.

He added: “I am confident that you (Oli) will take Nepal on the path of peace and stability by resolving all constitutional issues through political dialogue and by taking along all sections of the society.”

Oli is on a six-day India visit two weeks after the Indian blockade against Nepal was lifted. He held a meeting with his Indian counterpart on Saturday to restore Nepal-India ties strained by the blockade.

India had not welcomed Nepal’s constitution, expressing displeasure over the content and process of the charter endorsed by an elected assembly. To put pressure on the Big Three parties to reach a consensus with Madhesi parties that rejected the constitution, India had imposed a trade blockade on Nepal in September of last year.

In the last five months, Nepal and India held rounds of formal and informal meetings at various levels to restore diplomatic ties between the two countries.

After Nepal passed a resolution to amend the constitution to address issues of proportional representation and form an all-party mechanism to review federal boundaries, restoration of the strained ties had begun.

Speaking at the same press conference, Oli said: “The misunderstanding that persisted in the past few months is no longer there. It is high time that we looked at Nepal-India relations with forward looking approach.”

Oli and Modi also jointly inaugurated the Dhalkebar-Muzzafarpur transmission line, which will enable Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) to import 80 MW of electricity and reduce load-shedding hours. This transmission line will be upgraded to import up to 200 MW by October 2016 and 600 MW by December 2017.

On the occasion, Nepal and India also signed Memorandums of Understanding to allow the landlocked nation to access Bangladesh through Kakarvitta-Banglabandh corridor and Visakhapatnam port. Oli and Modi also renewed agreements on construction of Tarai roads and utilization of the money pledged by India for Nepal’s post-earthquake reconstruction.

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2 Responses to “Nepal’s constitution is an achievement: Modi”

  1. Gucci on Says:

    ok, so now nepal is BUYING electricity from india, NOT selling to them! what is wrong with this picture? age old myth is finally getting exposed. one more dependence on india, nothing has been learned the recent blockade! what morons!!

  2. Srivastava on Says:

    Good wishes to the people of Nepal from India. Congratulations on achieving a democratic constitution. This is a new dawn, hope generations of Nepalis will find security, prosperity and equality through the new constitution.

    By the way, Nepal,’s dependence on India is not Indian fault, neither its the fault of Nepali leaders. This is simply a truth of geography. Disregarding this fact of nature is the real mistake, a fantasy with no basis in science, history or economics. Fighting Himalayan geography is poor statecraft.

    But it’s not all bad, just as geography makes Nepal depend on India, there are gifts from Nature too. Nepal has hydro potential, India has the need of electricity. Why not use the biggest gift nature gave to Nepal. Indian is happy to produce electricity in Nepal and buy it too. Nepal can earn billions without offing a finger. Bhutan tripled it GDP with such electricity deals with India. It’s lack of foresighted that Nepal has to import electricity.

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