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Indian leaders’ statement ‘provocative’

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016
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Madhesi leaders Rajendra Mahato, Upendra Yadav and Mahendra Raya Yadav meet former Chief Minister of Bihar Lalu Yadav on Sunday.

Nepal has expressed ‘deep regrets’ about statements made by some Indian leaders over its ‘inherently internal issues’.

A press statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Tuesday said: “The statements (made by Indian leaders) are provocative and uninformed about the ground realities and do not serve the fundamental interest of the two countries..They are not helpful in the ongoing efforts aimed at normalizing the situation”.

The MoFA has also urged all to exercise restraint from making statements ‘that may seriously undermine the harmonious relations between the two countries and peoples’.

On Monday, Madhesi leaders Upendra Yadav, Rajendra Mahato and Mahendra Raya Yadav had requested former Chief Minister of Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav and other Indian leaders to support their ongoing agitating against Nepal’s new constitution. In response, Indian leaders had reportedly expressed their commitment to support the Madhes movement saying ‘it was no longer an internal issue of Nepal’.

Speaking at a press conference in presence of Madhesi leaders in Muzaffarpur of Bihar, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Raghuvansha Prasad Singh reportedly said: This is not a time to stay silent while our relatives are dying in protests Nepal.”

Leaders of the ruling coalition have condemned Madhesi leaders’ effort to seek help from Indian leaders to bring the Nepal state to its knees. Deputy Prime Minister Bijaya Gachhadar said: “It is unfortunate that they (Madhesi leaders) are visiting Bihar and New Delhi to seek support for their movement.”

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6 Responses to “Indian leaders’ statement ‘provocative’”

  1. Ravi Raj Kaur on Says:

    Tunnel vision from Madhes side worldwide people die, we can only inform and try to develop a peace culture . Who ever does not contribute to Peace Culture shall not be considered cooperative and therefore eventually the law democratically may be able to allow democratic voices only.
    There are moments for everything, this is a moment for abiding peace and flourishing business. With young generations dying abroad and elderly in miserable conditions, understanding is key. And key to understanding is the whole reality. Mashes are blind to collective reality.
    If they could see what sufferers have to undergo they will find a collective solution, no one is deeply against them, but damage has been too much. Same goes for China, manipulating a socialist civil war that leads to exodus of a nation will not be remembered as a lovely business deal. In the end it is the interest of all to cooperate with future governments and hold their breath for now. Amendment has been made. Nepal has not been reconstructed.

  2. Central vs state on Says:

    Ground reality in Bihar is that Gundaraj is back with Laloo back in power with his Class 9 dropout son as deputy PM. Cases of kidnapping and extortion have risen causing Nitish Kumar, the current Chief Minister a big headache as he signed a deal with the devil/Laloo to win the elections against the BJP.. What do these idiot short sighted Madhesi leaders expect to gain from such a meeting? Going to Bihar to meet their master and get instructions. Focus on gaining trust of people back and since the constitution has been amended to your liking, claim victory and move towards development of your people and region. More likely you are instigating the ruling BJP/PM Modi to not look to kindly towards you.This is Federal/central government level politics and not state level unless you forgot you gave Nepali citizenship and passport. Or are they carrying dual passports? This is highly like the case and they went to meet their State level leaders.

  3. Hurray on Says:

    It’s about time that these madhesi leaders be charged for treason for trying to bring in external forces to disrupt a sovereign country’s internal matters.

  4. Ravi Raj Kaur on Says:

    In Europe there are PROTESTS against the foreign invasion, protests including against refugee centres, because some take just too many for the villages where they are located. Government therefore must deal with the protests and street fighting and worse ( threats to life and so on). So the government DEALS with it communicating that when protests turn violent there will be SANCTIONS, and it will not be a 4 dollar fine its will be prosecution by law.
    THAT is the meaning of CONSTITUTION, resulting peace. ohm shanti, jay Nepal.

  5. Vinod Surendran on Says:

    I am an Indian who loves to see the Indo Nepali bond stay strong as it has always been in the future too. It is not in the interest of any side to see a split Nepal and hope the stupid leaders of Bihar understand this. Madhesis may have a grievance but it is not for India to solve. Nepal is a democratic country and she has the ability to solve her issues and the Madhesis should not run to us to solve their house problem. A united Nepal is for India’s interest as well. I wish every Nepali reader that barring a few stupid local politicians in Bihar, the very vast majority of Indians have only love for the people of Nepal. I can assure you that Madhesis would lose the support or sympathy that they tried to garner very soon if they do not see the picture on the wall. An equitable constitution is for Nepal’s interest as well. We do not wish to see another Sri Lanka in the making. We wish to see Nepal progress along with India and walk hand in hand in the centuries to come.

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