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Nepal amends constitution

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Nepal has amended its new constitution, promulgated only four months ago, to appease Madhesi dissenters.

Parliament passed the first amendment to the Constitution of Nepal (2015) amidst sloganeering by Madhesi lawmakers late Saturday night.

Although the first constitution amendment bill was tabled in Parliament to address Madhesi demands for proportional representation, Madhesi lawmakers rejected it saying it was ‘incomplete’.

As soon as Speaker Onsari Gharti Magar began the House proceeding, Madhesi lawmaker Sarbendra Nath Sukla accused the Big Three parties of trying to mislead people by passing an ‘incomplete’ bill. “This amendment fails to fulfill our demands,” he said. “Our agitation will go on.”

After Sukla wrapped up his speech, all Madhesi lawmakers rose from their chairs, encircled the rostrum and obstructed the House. They later walked out of the house to protest the passage of the bill.

Parliament, which was scheduled to convene at 3:30 pm, was delayed by five hours as the Big Three parties found themselves at loggerheads over revision of the bill. Even lawmakers from the Big Three parties had registered additional amendments to the bill.

Parliament began only when the Big Three decided to incorporate additional amendments registered by NC lawmakers Minendra Rijal and Formula Mansur. Rijal had registered an amendment to demarcate electoral constituencies in proportion to population in the Tarai while Mansur had sought an amendment to guarantee proportional representation.

After lawmakers from Madhesi and other fringe parties boycotted the 601-member House, only 468 lawmakers were present in Parliament. Of them, 461 lawmakers voted for and only seven lawmakers voted against it. After the first amendment, the new constitution now guarantees 79 seats in 20 districts of the Tarai. The remaining 55 districts in the hills and the mountains get only 83 seats.

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3 Responses to “Nepal amends constitution”

  1. gunk on Says:

    yea, keep doing what the southern bully demands and all you become is its slave

  2. Ravi Raj Kaur on Says:

    Do not understand much, well done.

  3. Nishant Panndey Butwal 9 on Says:

    Hope this constitution will bring peace and prosperity, development and tranquility.

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