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Clash at border

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Photo: Suresh Bidari

At least three people were injured in a clash between Indian traders and Madhesi protesters in Birganj on Wednesday.

Traders from the Indian border town of Raxaul attacked Madhesi protesters after their rickshaws loaded with fuel containers were stopped from crossing into Nepal.

After Madhesi protesters began a sit-in in September at the Nepal-India friendship bridge over the Sirsiya stream flowing between Birganj and Raxaul, import of fuel and other essential commodities through this customs point has stopped. And Indian traders have been using rickshaws to supply a little bit of fuel and other commodities to Nepal.

On Wednesday morning, two Indian men carrying goods were stopped by Madhesi protesters from crossing over the friendship bridge. And they sought help of their friends and started attacked on Madhesi protesters. When Madhesi protesters retaliated, a violent clash erupted with Indian youth throwing petrol bombs into the Nepali side.

Both sides retreated only when Nepal police and India’s Seema Suraksha Bal (SSB) personnel intervened in the clash.

Asaraf Mansur, a Madhesi protester, told Nepali Times that they were attacked by ‘Indian smugglers’. Mansur and Chunnu Mishra were injured in the clash. A bystander also sustained injuries.

On 23 September, the Morcha had decided to block all Nepal-India check-points by staging sit-ins. Although supply through other border points has resumed, the Birganj border point remains blocked.

Indian traders in Raxaul have complained that their business has been badly affected by border protesters. And they have attacked border protesters several times in the past.

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One Response to “Clash at border”

  1. satish Jha on Says:

    The businessmen of Raxual are right in attacking the Morcha for blocking their goods from entering Nepal. Enough is enough is the message to the Morcha people protesting for their demands. It is not a way to protest by blocking the goods entering Nepal by force. The way they have protested they have put every one in ” lose lose ” situtation. No one will gain from these actions except a handfull of Morcha politicians. With this situation Birgunj and Raxual business and industries will dry out since Nepal is already is looking for an alternative to this transit. Even the Indian Government has been advised wrongly about the demands of Morcha and Modi who was held with high esteem during his visit to Nepal has lost trust and honour among the Nepalese. Whoever advised him to side with the Morcha must be punished where he the ambassador to Nepal or his foreign advisors. In fact the Modi Government must tender an apology to the people of Nepal for causing so must distress and hardship in the country and compensate for the economic and social damage incurred so far.

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