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Sadbhavana’s separate protests

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

333x225xmahato.jpg.pagespeed.ic.QfBbYwzEa-In yet another sign of trouble within the Madhesi Front, one of its constituent members has announced separate protests.

Sadbhavana Party, one of the four members of the Front, unveiled its own protest programs at a press meet in Kathmandu on Saturday. The party will begin its protests by offering prayers in public places on 3 January. And it will end the first round of protests on 11 January – the 150th day of the Madhes movement.

The party’s General Secretary Manish Suman claimed that new protests were planned in coordination with other members of the Front. But a press statement issued to announce fresh protests is signed by Sadbhavana Party Chair Rajendra Mahato alone.

Mahato had signed the statement before flying to New Delhi on Friday for further treatment. He was injured in a clash with police in Biratnagar last week. He had sustained ‘minor injuries’ to his head and legs, but he insisted on being admitted into the ICU.

Mahato was beaten up by police when he tried to block the Nepal-India check-point in Biratnagar. Upendar Yadav, another top leader of the Front, has accused Mahato of trying to gain Madhesi people’s sympathy by staying longer in the hospital.

After Mahato was thrashed, Sadbhavana Party had asked the Front to pull out of talks and intensify protests. But other Madhesi leaders, including Yadav, did not agree, and the Front only condemned police’s attack on him. Since then, the rift between Mahato and other Madhesi leaders has widened further. Other Madhesi leaders are now willing to withdraw border protests, but Mahato is against showing flexibility.


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3 Responses to “Sadbhavana’s separate protests”

  1. satish Jha on Says:

    This way the protest program of Sadbhawa Party will fizzle out since it is benefitting no one.

  2. Arjun Karki on Says:

    The Madhesi protesters need to understand that their protest at the check-points are WRONG WAY. By adopting this way, they are not pressurizing the GoN, rather catching the neck of common citizens. By their protest, whole innocent citizens are suffering, but not leaders. So, if they have a little brain in their head, they have to express their anger in Parliament, not in the house or kitchen of poor people. What wrong did the common people do so that they are taking revenge with them and their innocent children ?

  3. Whatever on Says:

    Is the government of Nepal ready to apply country’s laws against those outlaws who are deliberately breaking the sacro-saint human rights of subsistence by means of blockades ? Any state authority which is worth it shall first try to negotiate so as to avoid any escalating. Then there comes the method of carrots nd triggering the events by using batons. If not pass the buck to another cabinet of executives who do not mind flexing muscles of the state. Nowhere in the world if a government is feeble without flexing muscles any rabble-rousers calmed down for your brown eyes. Sometimes the dearth of authority incites the rogues to become even more feral to obtain their desired object. Always a bit of social psychology should be used as the arsenal of governance to come to normalcy.

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