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Supply eased

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

In a sign that India is unofficially lifting its unofficial blockade, more tankers carrying petroleum products are now entering into Nepal.

On Tuesday, nearly 150 tankers carrying petrol, diesel and cooking gas entered into Nepal through various border points. More trucks and tankers are lining up to enter Nepal, according to authorities at the Department of Customs.

Map by Ayesha Shakya

Birganj, through which nearly 70 per cent of fuel is imported into Nepal, remained blocked. But efforts are underway to clear the Birganj border point as well, according to customs officials.

Supply of fuel and other essential commodities was halted after India imposed an unofficial trade blockade against Nepal three weeks ago.

India had enforced the blockade to put pressure on the Nepal government to address demands raised by Madhesi dissenters through dialogues.

Two amendments to the new constitution have already been registered to address demands of the agitating Madhesi parties.

After UML Chair KP Oli was elected as Nepal’s new Prime Minister, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated him over phone and India’s ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae also met him in his residence.

Madhesi parties also softened their stance by taking part in a vote that sent Oli to Baluwatar from Balkot.

The Madhesi Front has not officially called off its long agitation, but its leaders on Tuesday hinted that they will not disrupt import of fuel at least during Dasain festival.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Madhesi leader Upendra Yadav said: “We are thinking about it (staying away from border points) for Dasain, but the real festival begins only from Saptami.”

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3 Responses to “Supply eased”

  1. Marianne Kuiper Milks on Says:

    Namaste.. Greetings. I have, with sadness and concern, followed the news regarding the political supply issues between India, the Terai and all of Nepal affected. I would like to request, however, that informative articles be publish about the situation of daily life. Not just unrest, just festivals, but school closings, people not able to go to work, living more and more without basic services. Not in large cities, but smaller ones, for example Butwal and Pochara. This would show the affected areas and its people in daily life. An article of interest to global papers to carry.

    My deep sympathy is with your country and people. Stay strong and independent, but le the world know that there are many borders, of many kinds, to cross!

  2. Ravi Raj Kaur on Says:

    The whole thing is depressing and inhumane they perfectly well know Nepal has had a terrible aftermath of the killer earthquake it is hardly the time to play games. Block India do not go to India bunch of ****** Happy Tihar and may all be prosperous and business with China will be auspicious.

  3. Bhaicha on Says:

    Can you believe the babus in the South Block?
    Sanctimonious idiots,while dealing with every neighbouring countries, the real successors of the British Colonial administrators , always stepping in their shoes..

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