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Change of guard

Thursday, September 24th, 2015
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UML Chair KP Oli after a meeting with PM Sushil Koirala on Thursday. Photo: RSS

After promulgation of the new constitution, the top thee political parties have begun consultations on forming the new government.

A meeting of the Nepali Congress, the UML and the UCPN (M) is now underway to chart the new course out. Early in the day, Law Minister Nar Hari Acharya had consulted Speaker Subhas Nembang about how and when the new parliamentary session can be called to form the new government.

As per a deal between the NC and the UML, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala is now preparing to step down to pave the way for UML Chair KP Oli to lead the new government.

After the results of the second Constituent Assembly (CA) elections were out in November 2013, the UML had agreed to back the NC-led government, but only until the new constitution is promulgated. With promulgation of the new constitution, Oli now wants Koirala to leave Baluwatar. He is apparently desperate to shift to Baluwatar from Balkot.

But NC sources say Koirala will resign only after Deputy Prime Minister Prakash Man Sigh returns from the UN General Assembly (UNGA) in New York. Singh is scheduled to address the UNGA next week. The UN has merely ‘acknowledged’ the new constitution, and Singh is expected to protest the UN’s action.

A source close to Koirala said: “If Prime Minister Koirala resigns before the UNGA, his government will just be a caretaker and Singh will not able to defend the new constitution strongly during the UNGA. So he will resign only after Singh’s return.”

But the three parties can ask Nembang to announce the date of the new parliamentary session tonight itself. As per the new constitution, the parliamentary session needs to be called within one week of its promulgation.

As things stand now, the UML lead the new government and the NC and the UCPN (M) will be major partners of the coalition government. Early this week, UCPN (M) Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal had said: “I am not thinking about assuming any posts, but our party will be in the new coalition government.”

Sources say the three parties are also preparing to form a team to hold talks with the disgruntled Madhesis and Tharus. A source told Nepali Times that NC leader Sher Bahadur Deuba is being approached to lead the team. Of late, Deuba is being seen as an anti-Tharu leader. He has overtly backed the agenda of the undivided Far West.

Om Astha Rai

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  1. Whatever on Says:

    When a country proclaims to be a Federal Republic, the UN by its status as the most neutral, but International Official Organization, has to confirm whether the country concerned has respected the lines of content mentioned in the treaty of 1945. Which is why the UN body seems reluctant to corroborate the present constitution where right from the headline ‘The Federal Democratic Republic Nepal’ unfortunately doesn’t match. Then down below somewhere the mention of socialist oriented regime appears to be a declaration of Communist country. The fact is the political parties could say socialist, Communist or monarchical parties. The State is neutral nd the constitution is the framework to promulgate laws. When a law is voted it has to be in confirmation with what is already mentioned in the constitution of the Republic which is safeguarded by the appointed guardians of laws or more precisely the sages of the nation.

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