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Anger at Kathmandu

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

From the Nepali Press

Front page stories from the 21 September issue of Newspaper, a Janakpur daily

black day 2

When President Ram Baran Yadav promulgated Nepal’s new constitution from inside the beautifully-decorated and brightly lit-up Constituent Assembly (CA) hall in Kathmandu, his ancestral home in Janakpur was engulfed in complete darkness. The house was guarded by security personnel, but there was not one person lighting a lamp to welcome the new constitution.

Janakpur is home to Physical Infrastructure Minister Bimalendra Nidhi, too. His house was also in darkness. UML leader Raghubir Mahaseth and NC leader Ram Krishna Yadav did not call anyone from Kathmandu to light up lamps in their houses in Janakpur, either.

Janakpur observed a complete blackout when other parts of the country were celebrating with lights. Never before had the Janakpur shown such strong solidarity with Madhesi parties that are against the new constitution. Everyone spontaneously switched off lights between 7 and 8 pm. Even motorcyclists turned off lights while driving on the streets.

Madhesi cadres had carried out a motorcycle rally early in the day, asking everyone to switch off lights to protest the ‘discriminatory’ constitution. An indefinite strike called by Madhesi parties has crippled life across the Tarai for nearly one and a half month now.

Daily wage earners are the worst-hit by the political turmoil. Ram Sharan Mukhiya has not been able to earn anything ever since the Tarai unrest began. But he is more concerned about discrimination perpetuated by Kathmandu against the Madhesi people through the new constitution.

Mukhiya has amazed local Madhesi leaders by participating in protests over the new constitution every day. He and others like him are angry with Kathmandu and demand equal treatment. Like him, Janakpur residents all have black flags flying over their houses to mark the day of constitutional promulgation. During the day, they descended onto the streets shouting slogans against Kathmandu.

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6 Responses to “Anger at Kathmandu”

  1. gaurav on Says:

    Are all those Nepalis who are cursing India on twitter reading this ? I guess they just ignore it conveniently. Afterall nationalism needs an enemy to unite against and what is better than India who can always be berated as big brother and used when in need.

  2. kg on Says:

    Those who curse India are the first ones to make use of Indian facilities -be it study, jobs, selling Indian food as restaurant owners, copying Indian movies and technical expertise, participating in Indian TV shows, using Indian donations to develop and learn about democracy, work in Indian owned companies, use Indian fruit, vegetables, Oil, medicine etc. The list is endless and even the airspace they use is Indian.
    Now all these Pahadi do is criticise India for all the goodness done to them. Pahadi from Nepal are not worthy of friendship.
    And for history sake Nepal was not ruled by Britishers because they surrended at the first opportunity and signed the treaty of sagauli to give large swaths of land to Britishers. Pahadis were never brave but only opportunistic.

  3. Arjun on Says:

    After seeing the hate towards India from Nepali citizens expressed in 300,000 posts on Twitter, I am of the opinion that India should stop coddling Nepal. Shut off all aid to Nepal, including the $1 billion earthquake relief fund. Strengthen the border and allow border crossings only at designated checkpoints. Let them threaten to join China or Pakistan as Nepalis are saying on Twitter. There is no reason why India should take so much abuse from Nepal.

  4. kg on Says:

    Looks like pahadi media acknowledged the truth of earlier comments and still lives in cowardly denial and wating for opportunities to beg, borrow and steal from India.

  5. kg on Says:

    Question: Who are Pahadis?
    Answer: Coward runaways from India due to lack of willingness to exist together in harmony.

  6. Rajan on Says:

    Bro gaurav…most of them are not even ready to listen what is the concern of Indian Govt(i.e. Security of Vehicle carrying supplies and the situation getting worse in the border area touching India specially bihar, where election are to be held soon…and ofcource the voilence going on is a concern already)….they are just like who are u to tell us what is happening in my country…and we respect this attitude but first they should understand that india’s security concerns are related with the voilence going on in Nepal….But these hate spreading elements dont give a shit about that…they are just like..what the ###?? who the ###???

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