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Tarai unrest

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015



One more protester died in police firing on Tuesday in Birganj, where violent clashes continued for the 16th day of an indefinite shutdown enforced by the Madhesi parties opposed to proposed federal demarcations in the new constitution.

Dharma Raj Singh was killed on Tuesday when police opened fire at an agitated crowd defying a curfew in Radhemai of Birganj, said Superintendent of Police Diwesh Lohani.

New Nepal BAN MAPOn Monday, 35-year-old Dilip Chaurasiya was killed by a police bullet when protesters brandishing spades and spears started attacking police posts and government offices.

“They are attacking us everywhere with home-made weapons,” SP Lohani told Nepali Times. Protesters have defied a curfew clamped by the local administration, forcing police to open fire to bring the situation under control.

Police also opened fire outside the Narayani Sub Regional Hospital, where Chaurasiya’s body was kept and other injured protesters were receiving treatment. Policeman Narendra Chaudhary, 35-year-old Sudeep Lama and 45-year-old Etwariya Devi were injured in the hospital shootout.


Police patrol on a road in Kalaiya of Bara district after a violent clash on Tuesday. Photo: Shyam Gupta

Local Madhesi party leaders allege that police opened fire targeting, a charge denied by SP Lohani who said the three were hit by richeting bullets.

Two of the injured, Binod Mahato and Amiri Lal Pal, are said to be in critical condition. They are undergoing treatment at the same hospital outside which police opened fire.

Protesters set the Inland Revenue Office of Birgunj on fire damaging equipment. They  also vandalised the Armed Police Force (APF) and Nepal Police offices in Bhiswa and Amarpatti of Parsa. APF and police personnel from these posts have now shifted to the district headquarters.

Other central Tarai districts like Bara and Mahottari are also tense. In Kalaiya of Bara district, at least five protesters have been injured in sporadic clashes with police.

An alliance of Madhesi parties has imposed an indefinite strike across the Tarai protesting the new federal set up. Prime Minister Sushil Koirala last week sent a letter urging them to sit in talks and resolve the issues peacefully, but the parties demanded a suspension of the constitution drafting process – a precondition rejected by the ruling parties.

Meanwhile, shutdown continues in western plain districts where Tharuhat Struggle Committee has been on the warpath demanding an autonomous Tharuhat state.

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11 Responses to “Tarai unrest”

  1. Keith D. Leslie on Says:

    Political problems are rarely solved by force. It doesn’t have to be this way, Kathmandu. Find a better balance.

  2. Saurav Tuladhar on Says:

    Only regions affected by the recent earthquakes have been spared, till now.

  3. Sabitri Gurung on Says:

    What is the government and constituent assembly doing about the Terai Unrest? Things seem to have gone too far already. Local leaders, central leaders, civil society, all concerned parties, please do something to bring peace and harmony back in Terai and in whole Nepal. Solve the problem before it goes out of hands.

  4. Mahendra Shakya on Says:

    This is an uprising which cannot be controlled,it has to be a negotiated political settlement

  5. tutale on Says:

    who still want federalism??! this maoist initiated seed of violence will chew and destroy this country. only way left now is asking people directly … referendum on need for federalism!!

  6. Binod on Says:

    We need to prepare ourself for more of these in coming days and forget about a constitution in near future..Once division among Nepalese reach a climax where a fragmented Nepali nationalism will not be able to oppose a forceful presence of foreign power, we will be handed over a constitution that safeguards foreign interest..I am not denying there is no genuine issue here but it has been hijacked by non-Nepali actors that operate secretly in Nepal..The curtain is already beginning to be lifted slowly ..

  7. Arvind on Says:

    Government of Nepal has crossed all level of humanity with Madheshi people and surprisingly no human rights group are with those innocent Madheshis.
    National News Paper are also not reporting actual report.

  8. gdus on Says:


  9. namah on Says:

    @keith: most political problems are not SOLVED with war, yet war remains its (politics’) extension. after enough people die (I don’t know at which level the bar is set to for ‘enough’), then eventually folks will return to talking…unless bitterness prevents that as well…(israel/palestine come to mind)…

  10. Ravi Raj Kaur on Says:

    people are NOT stupid that is the problem really sorry to say from far thank you all Jay Nepal we shall overcome

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