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Dahal’s India visit

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

UCPN (M) Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal in a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi last week. Photo: PIB

UCPN (M) Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal is returning to Kathmandu on Monday after a week-long India visit.

Dahal met India’s President Pranab Mukherje, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and some other senior Indian political leaders, and is apparently upbeat about the success of his visit.

Before wrapping up his visit, he told the Nepali media from Delhi: “The objective with which I came here has been achieved.”

Dahal added: “I found Indian leaders positive about the progress that we have made in the constitution writing process, but they would like us to leave no stone unturned to engage all political forces.” ‘

All Indian leaders reportedly uttered the phrase ‘maximum consensus’ with Dahal implying that a constitution without the participation of disgruntled Madhesi and Janjati leaders will be the seeds of another conflict. Dahal said: “I felt that India leaders believe everyone (including Madhesi/Janjati) will be happy if the new constitution is passed only after demarcating federal provinces, and I have taken their concerns positively.”

Dahal has dubbed his India visit ‘lively’ and ‘historic’, but has faced criticism from his own party.

Maoist leaders close to UCPN (M) Vice Chair Baburam Bhattarai have criticised Dahal for bypassing the party’s international bureau in his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi. “Because it was our party Chair’s official India visit, a member of the international bureau should have been included in his delegation,” said Debendra Poudel, a politburo member of the UCPN (M).

The UCPN (M) had endorsed agendas to be raised with India during Dahal’s visit. But he refused to take along with him anyone from the party’s international bureau. He was accompanied by his wife Sita Dahal when he met Modi.

Foreign Affairs Minister Mahendra Bahadur Pandey has also expressed his displeasure about Dahal’s refusal to include Nepal’s ambassador to India Deep Kumar Upadhyay in his delegation to Modi. Pandey told journalists in Kathmandu: “It is unfortunate that political leaders are themselves violating protocol.”



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4 Responses to “Dahal’s India visit”

  1. Ravi Raj Kaur on Says:

    This visit in this moment is very important. Frankly the way Kathmandu still looks after nearly 3 months this national tragedy occurred, all hands on deck.
    True leaders will do. In China they cleaned up in 3 days after the earthquake. Modi will help? I just returned from a 6 week stay in Nepal the sadness of the prolonged helplessness the people from Sindulpalchowk in tents near Hyatt.
    International is not welcome? Only to climb a dangerous mountain. We can best only pray for this nation.

  2. Airline Guy on Says:

    Nepal’s richest man

  3. Nirmal Ghimire on Says:

    What exactly do you want this poor man to do? Till the date you were after him, telling him to behave in line with the “mainstream”. And now that he is selfish,hypocrite, power-hungry etc i.e from the gang of “MAINSTREAM” you don’t stop complaining?! Under the crop of current “mainstream” netas available in the market you are used to, you wont find any better option than him.

  4. Prem on Says:

    When King Birendra was massacred BJP were in power. When Maoists were gaining momentum BJP were in power. Why he met in secret is no secret at all? Historically top leaders make them some offer for which they expect something in return(power).

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