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Dharara’s replica

Friday, May 8th, 2015



Gautam Man Singh with his creation: the replica of Dharara. Photo by Om Astha Rai

Gautam Man Singh, a 42-year-old, working from his home/office as a carpet designer in Sanepa, survived the 25 April earthquake.

However, Singh lost something that he held close to his earth in the disastrous earthquake.

He did not lose any of his family members, nor did he lose his house: He lost Dharara – the tall landmark that he loved more than any other monument in Kathmandu.

“When I was a child, I used to play by Dharara and take a bath in Sundhara (the now damaged golden tap)” he says. “Dharara did not stop fascinating me even after I became an adult, it broke my heart to see it crash onto the ground.”

Twelve days after Dharara’s fall, which killed more than 50 people, Singh created its replica and installed it in the Ring Road, right off of Sanepa.

Dharara’s replica has won the hearts of many who pass by this mini creation. The tiny Dharara reminds people of what used to be and touches them to the core, so most take pictures or selfies around or by it.

“It’s my tribute to Dharara,” says Singh. “I feel happy when I find others emotionally connecting with it, like I do.”

Singh created the little Dharara by using a hollow petrol drum, scraps of steel, tyres, an empty water jar and a piece of water pipe. More than 100 people gathered around his replica on the 13th day of the earthquake to light candles and pay tribute to the people who lost their lives during the earthquake.

The death toll from Nepal’s deadliest earthquake, in more than 80 years, has reached nearly 8,000. The earthquake injured more than 14,000 people and damaged more than 100,000 houses in central and western Nepal.

Singh is also the president of Reiyukai Nepal’s 8th branch, which has distributed relief materials like food, clothes and kitchen utensils worth around Rs 50 million in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Nuwakot, Rasuwa, Dhading and Sindhupalchok districts.

“We lost a Reiyukai member when Dharara collapsed,” he says. “But it brought all of us, Reiyukai members, together to help the earthquake survivors.”

Om Astha Rai

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4 Responses to “Dharara’s replica”

  1. Hurray on Says:

    That’s one of the ugliest replicas I have ever seen in my life.

  2. sushil kumar on Says:

    Can any body tell us the story of the GANTANTARARa that is being built on the Tukuchakhushi of the former Royal Palace gare du nord?

    Will there be a boulevard all around the palace?
    Are any of the rotting bamboos being utilized for relief -rahats?

  3. sushil kumar on Says:

    We heard a Dharahara ( Ganatantarara) is being built in the northen portion of the former Royal Palace ( of all the places),.
    How is it faring?
    Two Sarduls should be placed at the entrance to guard that edifice, a protection measure for eventualities like the earthquake.
    Tukucha gare du nord needs a ring road ,say a boulevard too.
    ,all round .
    The rotting Bamboos lying there shouild be used for relief and rahat worksnow; why not?

  4. Gheo Chaku Naran on Says:

    Though gare du nord is close to gare de l’est in Paris, to be more presice let it be

    corrected as this site is east side of the Palace.

    Good this Ganatantarara will be the Bhimsen, Folly of this era.

    We can stop rebuilding the old Dharahara.

    It was rebuilt after the 1935 Earthquake after all.
    We can take public opinion survey when the earthquake aftermath is over and we are all in equanimity.
    This is just an idea, you can ignore it too.
    Thank you.

    For future monument building ,let us utilize some of our mountain peaks as they ,some of them are situated on solid rocks too.
    Recy, recy recy ,my dear ones, the( pol-poll)-leaders !!!

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