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Jure’s second disaster

Monday, May 4th, 2015
Lanka Tamang stands infront of a makeshift tent he built after his house was destroyed on Saturday. Pic: Bhrikuti Rai

Lanka Tamang stands infront of a makeshift tent he built after his house was destroyed on Saturday. Pic: Bhrikuti Rai

A rockfall triggered by Saturday’s earthquake destroyed the new house Lanka Tamang had built after the massive landslide here in August.

In less than eight months the 21-year-old has seen his life torn asunder twice: first by the Jure landslide in August and now by the earthquake. The landslide killed at least 150 people and displaced hundreds of families who have since been living in make shift tents and sought refuge at nearby villages.

Now, the two disasters have collapsed into one. Those living in shelters without much help from the first disaster have to cope with a bigger one.

“Our families have been displaced again and there has been no help from the authorities here,” says Tamang whose extended family of 17 has been forced to share few make shift tents with fifty five others along the highway overlooking the large pond created by landslide last monsoon.

Tamang dropped out of school to take care of his family and work as a driver. Now even that job doesn’t pay because the highway has been blocked by landslides.

The family has had enough of disasters and is now planning to move permanently to Kathmandu in the coming weeks.

Bhrikuti Rai

Colour coded in Dhulikhel 

Sindhupalchok’s sorrow


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2 Responses to “Jure’s second disaster”

  1. david seddon on Says:

    readers may like to look back at the two pieces I wrote for the Nepali Times, earlier this year and shortly after the disaster last August on the Jure landslide and its impact, and the extent to which relief had been effective. It was a sad enough story then; this is doubly tragic. They say ‘lightning does not strike twice in the same place’; maybe not, but in Nepal, natural disasters – landslides, floods, and earthquakes – ARE likely to hit the same places repeatedly and almost always hit the most vulnerable ad affect them most…

  2. Grimalzee on Says:

    Coming Rains;

    What will happen when’ rains starts falling on the roofs” of the cracked houses and the bull- dozered roads, can one imagine the extent of the damage , the slips ?

    Let us all take timely precaution and measures to protect the affected ones.

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