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CIAA catches ‘big fish’

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) filed a corruption case against 23 high-ranking officials, including two sitting secretaries, at the Special Court on Friday.

In a 520-page charge sheet, the CIAA charged Forest Secretary Sharad Chandra Poudel, Law Commission Secretary Ranjan Krishna Aryal and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)’s suspended Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Subash Niroula, among others, with embezzling around Rs 700 million meant for carrying out activities related to tourism promotion.

Both Poudel and Aryal were on the NTB board when the corrupt case that the CIAA investigated took place. After the NTB corruption case was reported by the media, the government had suspended Niroula. The CIAA has sought 13-year jail term for them each.

The CIAA has dragged all officials who served in various capacities in the NTB during the tenure of Niroula as the CEO. The CIAA has claimed an equal amount of fee from the 23 accused.

This is the most high-profile case filed by the CIAA after former Chief Secretary Lokman Singh Karki became the anti-graft body’s Chief Commissioner nearly two years ago.

After Karki assumed the office in May 2013, the CIAA filed numerous corruption cases against low-ranking government officials but did not touch a single top-level authority. The focus cracking-down low-ranking officials fueled speculations if the CIAA was able to control corruption by high-ranking officials.

On its recent anniversary ceremony, the CIAA had asked the media to show him ‘big fishes’ – a reference to high-ranking officials involved in corruption. He also sought the government’s support in cracking down ‘big fishes’.

After filing the case, Karki tweeted: “….CIAA never sleeps.”




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2 Responses to “CIAA catches ‘big fish’”

  1. Prabhat Gurung on Says:

    Lokman is a bigger fish, a killer whale, compared to the NTB officials, he protects bigger whales in Congress, Morcha, Ehmale and Maobadi. Who is going to investigate, expose and arrest these desh drohis, Any takers.

  2. Khagendra on Says:

    Finally, some big fish! However the manner in which the CIAA has made allegations on all and sundry involved with NTB during Niroula’s tenure makes me wonder how well they have prepared for this. If they have not understood the issues properly they could end up just giving a clean chit to the guilty. Anyway let’s see how the court rulings go. Interesting.

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