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New deadline

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Differences over the new constitution’s contents persist but political parties are now close to an agreement on a new constitution deadline.

A UML leader told Nepali Times that political parties are likely to announce a new constitution deadline in or after the next cross-party meeting.

In the Constituent Assembly (CA), political parties do not have any schedule to follow after their previous deadline expired on 22 January. The CA’s Business Advisory Committee (BAC) is responsible for preparing and revising constitution schedule. But, the BAC has not held a single meeting since 22 January.

Of late, top leaders are saying that the eighth republic day (28 May 2015) should be set as a new constitution deadline. In a television interview on 9 March, UCPN (Maoist) Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal said: “Republic day will be the best day to announce the new constitution.”

Two days later, his party’s Vice Chair Baburam Bhattarai seconded Dahal’s view. While interacting with journalists in his residence, Bhattarai said: “Once the new deadline is announced, the CA’s process to hold a vote on constitution will also end.”

On Wednesday, NC leader Sher Bahadur Deuba told a press meet in Kailali that the new constitution will be promulgated on Republic Day itself. A day earlier, UML leader Madhav Nepal had said the same. Second-wrung leaders also seem in favor of 28 May as the new deadline.

Although the NC-UML and the Maoist-Madhesi leaders held the first meeting since 22 January on last Saturday, the political stalemate continues. That meeting had given a mandate for top leaders to hammer out their differences. But, top leaders are yet to restart negotiations.

UML Chair KP Oli has not attended any meeting since then, citing his poor health. But, opposition leaders believe that is just Oli’s excuse and he does not want to sort out differences.





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2 Responses to “New deadline”

  1. Guest on Says:

    What a joke! I thought this news-piece was about parties agreeing to a new Constitution, but it’s agreeing to a new deadline. Ya right. Like all those deadlines made, missed and extended in the past!

    Honestly, I wish the King was back in place, because he would then teach these politicians the cost of missing deadlines. Just like when he sacked Deuba for missing his deadline. That’s what would teach these politicians some discipline, not to mention integrity. Now, with no one to check them, these politicians can do what they like. They keep paying lip service to the people, while endlessly extending their tenures and sucking up all the state resources and benefits!!

    We need the King back to teach this syndicate of gangsters a lesson they will never forget!

  2. blogspot on Says:

    Professionalism style of written. You have made it in such a way that it may understand the readers easily.

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