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TIA open after 85 hours

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

The Turkish Airlines plane being removed from the TIA runway early on Saturday. Photo: Bikram Rai

The Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) reopened on Saturday with removal of a Turkish Airlines plane from the runway.

Nepal’s only international airport remained closed for four days after the Airbus A330 of Turkish Airlines crash-landed there on Wednesday morning. The aircraft had blocked the TIA runway with its wing and tail.

The aircraft was pushed onto the runway on Saturday. It was stranded on the grassland between the runway and the taxiway. Its wheels had bogged down in the grassland that was soggy because of rains.

bikram 2

A passenger waits for the TIA to reopen early on Saturday. Photo: Bikram Rai

A technical team had lifted the aircraft off the grassland by using airlifting bags brought in Kathmandu by an Indian Air Force plane on Thursday. Once the aircraft was lifted off the ground, it was pushed onto the runway and then onto to the parking area.

Thousands of passengers were stranded in Kathmandu due to the TIA shutdown. Some went to India through land route to catch flights, most remained stranded waiting for the TIA to reopen.

Hours after the runway was cleared, a Nepal Airlines plane became the first to take off for Delhi at 9:30 p.m. More flights are scheduled later into the night.

Ratish Chandra Lal Suman, General Manager of the Civil Aviation Authority Nepal (CAA), has said that the TIA will remain open 24 hours for three days.


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3 Responses to “TIA open after 85 hours”

  1. Omer on Says:

    It is so sad status for everybody. This is neither beginning nor end.
    I was travelled to Nepal using with this airport and really I was afraid when we’re assending to go landing.
    This type of airports needs ILS, larger runway, second or spare runway (paralell taxiway can be use for emergency landings with the proper design).
    Pokharam new airport must be open immediately and turns international also for emergency puposes.
    I wish will do best at soon.

  2. yam gurung on Says:

    Because of dirty politics and only one International airport in the capital and which is not fit for purpose and regarding the safety standard. Nepal is loosing billions of dollars
    in tourism and in aviation.
    Hope these puppet and selfish leaders of Nepal, would have learn to listen to late Dr Harka Gurung he planned four decade ago,when he was a minister for the better future of Nepal.???…

  3. ravi raj kaur on Says:

    The communication was missing which makes you wonder indeed. People were wonderful I mean the workers of the air companies, but we were given NO information whatsoever. I was told to come as normal on the day to fly, I could have stayed home. So we had to wait from five till 11 ish outside the entrance doors of departure, then sit ALL NIGHT in airport as the Etihad plane has had to return due to technical failure.
    Just the nepalese had a sense of humour and of course used to feudalism.
    Sunday morning at 6 passengers were offered Annapurna Hotel and Everest Hotel, the same afternoon after 11 we could return to Tribuvhan Airport then it was the worst afternoon in my life nepalese successfully taking the queues until the foreigners from last nights flight got some well deserved help
    obnoxious behaviour not respecting lines, manche I do understand some of the vernacular. Still admiring the workers and if you have no money for fancy stuff and places to take off and land clean up put some more fried rice as they even did not reload usual foods, just drinks, and hire communcation officers. Seriously. I am truly surprised no one got killed by the frustration, though a glass door got broken by a backpack of a chinese tourist going to Kuala Lumpur as they let them in and not us. scary scary poor Nepal…..

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