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Passengers speak

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

As all efforts to lift a Turkish Airlines plane off the runway failed, Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) remains closed even after 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The airbus 330 of Turkish Airlines, which was carrying 224 passengers, had crash-landed between the runway and the taxiway early morning.   The TIA administration had halted international flights until 5 p.m. But, international flight service could not resume as the runway remained blocked.

In a tweet, Turkish Airlines has promised that it will make public results of the probe into the crash-landing. Here are accounts of two passengers, which will offer an insight into what transpired before and after the crash-landing.

Sashi Poudel in

I was on board the Turkish Airline plane that skidded off the runway.

We were supposed to land at 6.55 am but since there were some problems with the wheels of the aircraft, the plane overshot the runway. After some time the pilot tried to land the plane again but the problem persisted. The plane circled the sky for one and a half hour.

Initially, we were told the plane could not land because of fog. Later, we were told that it was due to some problem in wheels. In the third attempt, only the rear wheels functioned. The aircraft went off runway and skidded onto the grassland.

We thought we would die. Luckily, we landed on grass wet with last day’s rains. No one was hurt but all panicked. I heard that a foreigner had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital.

I will always be grateful to the aircraft crew and TIA emergency team, who acted swiftly and saved all our lives.


Deepak Malhotra in

Along with my son Dikesh and two other friends, I was on board the plane. We were returning to Kathmandu from Barcelona, where we attended the world mobile congress.

At first the pilot announced we will be landing before time but as we approached the Kathmandu airport the landing was delayed due to poor visibility. The aircraft went on in a circle as the pilot announced we will be landing only after half an hour.

When the plane crash-landed, there was smoke inside the plane. There were hand bags everywhere and we all panicked.

When the emergency doors opened, I jumped out of the plane. The aircraft had skidded off the runway. Outside, an emergency team was on standby. We are glad we all survived the accident.

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One Response to “Passengers speak”

  1. Khagendra on Says:

    Thank God all on board Turkish are safe. Could have been such a disaster. Big, big questions about competency and integrity of TIA Air Traffic Controllers. Have heard before that there are serious issues about them. Hopefully this major incident will lead to positive change.

    Big questions about the professionalism of Turkish Airlines too.

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