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Flying the flag

I am a pilot and when I fly around the region I meet people of various nationalities, ethnicities, and class in my travels. They all identify themselves by their nationality, their nation, and profession. I am inspired to similarly respect my citizenship and identify myself with my nationality. This is why I am hurt when […]

100 days of mediocrity

Following in the footsteps of their predecessors, Khil Raj Regmi-led government also published a booklet on its100 days in office. They have tried to highlight the announcement of election date on the list of accomplishments. While it’s natural for the government to see the setting of election date as a massive achievement, if we look […]

“No populism”

Interview with Finance Minister Shankar Koirala. How are you preparing this year’s budget? Shankar Koirala: Last year’s budget came in three fractions and was bad for the economy, so we want it on time this year. We have received various proposals from each ministry, and for three hours each day we hold ministry-level discussions to […]

Bhaskar Thapa, 49

Bhaskar Thapa had risen up the ranks in his profession with diligence and professionalism. His specialisation in tunnel technology would have stood his homeland in good stead as it prepares for major investments in infrastructure. But on Tuesday, 18 June Bhaskar collapsed in San Fransisco after a game of tennis and died at age 49. […]

Driven to insanity

In June 2004, Krishna Adhikari was dragged from his home in Phujel of Gorkha district, taken to Chitwan, and killed by the Maoists. Krishna’s parents Nanda Prasad and Ganga Maya spent years going from one office to another seeking justice for their son. When no one bothered to listen, they travelled to Kathmandu in January […]

Fishtail Air crash

Fishtail Air crash A Fishtail Air helicopter crashed in Humla today, killing Simikot Airport Chief Tek Bahadur Patali and injuring several others. According to Humla’s DSP Harisharan Bhatta, Italian pilot David and Fishtail Air’s manager Dilak Shrestha sustained serious injuries and were admitted to the district hospital in Simikot. The helicopter was returning from Muchu-9, […]

Distress call from Darchula

A flood in the Mahakali River has swept up to 60 houses in Darchula’s headquarters and is threatening to cause more damage downstream in Baitadi, Dadeldhura, and Mahendranagar. An early arrival of monsoon in Southasia brought rainfall into western Nepal through India’s southwestern coast of Maharastra and Gujarat. As a result, both high mountain border […]