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Deadline extended, again

President Ram Baran Yadav has extended the deadline for five more days on Tuesday after the parties failed to forge consensus on forming an electoral government and asked for yet another extension. Although UCPN(Maoist) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal had said on Monday that the four major political parties were inching closer to an agreement to […]

Confident about consensus

UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal met President Ram Baran Yadav on Sunday morning and said he was confident that the parties would reach a consensus by Monday. Dahal expressed that the country is now heading to a path of agreement following the positive note of the talks with UML, Congress, Madhesi Morcha and other […]

Diplomatic disaster

From the Nepali Press, Roshan Khadka in Naya Patrika, 12 December Nepali Ambassador to Brazil Pradyumna Bikram Shah has been seen riding a government-issued vehicle with a local woman named Lu Jaretti. Sources say the two have been in a relationship for the past one year and numerous photos of the couple on  Jaretti’s Facebook corroborate […]

“Must be understanding between the NC and us”

From the Nepali Press, Rama Parajuli in BBC Nepali Service, 10 December Rama Parajuli: Can you deliver a solution to the current deadlock by day after tomorrow? Pushpa Kamal Dahal: Talks are going on. We decided that we should meet informally because at all party meets, we tend to take strong positions. Once we get […]

PM encircled by corruption

From the Nepali Press, Balaram Baniya in Kantipur 11 December On Sunday, Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said: “It looks like the corrupt will finish us off.” He went on to single out local government, development projects, labour, land reform, education and health sectors as being specially graft-ridden. The irony of it all was that he […]

Dahal under pressure

While the Maoists are under pressure from the opposition to agree on unconditional government change, Friday’s meeting of the Federal Democratic Republican Alliance (FDRA) which is a loose coalition of the parties in government, has warned UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal against giving in to the opposition’s pressure. The leaders of the parties in FDRA […]

Parties want another extension

The political parties have yet again failed to agree on a consensus government, and are planning to ask for yet another extension to the president’s deadline. A meeting of four major parties in New Baneswor on Thursday evening could not come to any conclusion after both the ruling alliance and opposition stood firm on their […]